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The Society Project is a group with 2 primary goals: To archive the many players on 2b2t over the years and what they have done (no matter how little or much), and to research new methods of hiding bases (Particularly at spawn).


The Society Project was started by HappySeniorMan on June 5th of 2017, off of this reddit post. The idea was to build a spawn city within the lavacasts for new players to live in. By giving these new players a place to live and a community, they would not spread out and threaten other bases or find dupe stashes, remaining forever poor. Soon after the post was made, construction began on the first of many Society Project bases.

The concept of the base was that it would be made out of easy to gather materials. The first building was made of snow, and the gate that would later result in the bases name was made from melons. While only lasting 11 days, the base now known as "the Melon Hamlet" was the first time many members had cooperated with others to create something. As such, the base has a special place in many of the original Society members.

After the fall of Melon Hamlet 2 more bases were made, neither of which held up to the originals standard. After the 3rd base had been griefed, The Society Project became inactive in October of 2017. During this time the current leader, HappySeniorMan, all but stopped playing 2b2t.

On December 20th of 2017, Society Governor SonEasterZombie made an announcement that the Melon Hamlet would be rebuilt in the same spot that it once was. As progress on the rebuilding of the first Society base continued, more older members became active once again. It was during this time that they changed their goals to the ones they have now.

On January 10th of 2018, The Society Project joined the United Group Embassy, just a few hours after its creation. Society members had a leading role in the UGE for its entire active time, and continue to hold administrative positions today.

With the temp maps in early 2018 and the 6th incursion in April, the Society Project once again became less active. After the end of the 6th incursion, The Society Project moved to a new discord and changed the way it ran entirely. Governors started to recruit, something that was not done often before this point, and the "Programs" began (more on that later).

The Programs

In order to accomplish the primary goals of The Society Project, several programs have been put in place. A program is a semi-independent branch of The Society that works on a specific project or task. There are currently 4 programs, 2 of which are open to the public via our research discord.

Metadata Research

This program is responsible for obtaining data about player activity, as well as gathering useful conclusions from the metadata gathered from all the other programs. While results are posted on the discord as long as they do not give away crucial information, this program is not open to the public. Led by Governor SonEasterZombie.

Experimental bases

As one of the goals of The Society Project is researching safe ways to base very close to spawn, Experimental bases must be made to test theories about position, formation, or other aspects of base making. While not open to the public, if a group would like to assist with the creation of an experimental base they can be given Association status and help with this program. While Governor Alkahest_ is the head builder, not one Governor leads this program.

The Library and Player Archive

This program is responsible for collecting the numerous books that players have created, as well as distributing copies to the playerbase if the author wishes. In addition to this, this program is also tasked with collecting the history of as many players as possible, no matter who they are or how long they have played. This program is available to the public, any author can request that society members distribute their books and you can give your history to the curators in the Society Project research discord. Governor Natester1001 currently leads this program.


The contents and behavior of spawn are of vital importance to the Society Project, and information is crucial in predicting these things. As such, the Observation program is in charge of scouting various locations around spawn and marking down changes throughout time. The Observation program is also responsible for carrying out any experiments that the Metadata research program wishes to do. This program is open to the public, and you can join the discord if you would like to help.