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The Society
Groups current logo
FoundedJune 6th, 2017
Members23 Members, 24 Associates

The Society Project, or The Society, is an organization lead by a small council of Governors with the help of Overseers. Founded in June 2017, their primary goal to research and explore 2b2t was established following the Sixth Incursion in April 2018. The group tries to find out as much about the general behavior of players, optimal placements of bases, and other phenomena. It is currently being lead by Edgelord_Exe, Penguinos and IronException, with help of Majster Tynek. Our previous governors also help with providing useful advice current former governors include SonEasterZombie and Natester1001.

The Society banner

Structure of organization

Society project has many subdivisions inside of itself, to make managing it a lot easier. Currently there are 2 main divisions splitting the group into 2 Branches that share members and leader, but facilitate different projects and programs.

  • Main Branch - The private branch of Society, it holds all the data that is used for programs, as well as hosting our experimental base program.
  • Public Branch - Open branch of Society, its main purpose is recruitment as well as holding projects that are open to the public, like our curator program, or 2close.

Society functions on 'operations'. There are 2 distinct types of operations:

  • Program - A major operation, that involves a lot of group's resources, these can be either public or private depending on the subject.
  • Project - A minor operation, generally used for small scale operations. These tend to be private.

Society's rank system goes as follows:

  • Governor General - Reserved for a bot that has the ownership over the discord servers, governors hold keys to the bot in case of an emergency
  • Governor - Highest rank achievable. Governors are authority figures in Society, and can change it however they want. There can only be 3 governors at the same time. Currently this position is being held by SonEasterZombie, Natester1001 and IronException.
  • Program Overseer - A sub-leader rank of sorts. Program Overseers have many privileges of governors, like the ability to shape Society however they want, though they have governor oversight just in case. Program Overseers are elected by governors to lead a program , or aid governors in some other way.
  • Project Overseer - Lower ranking overseer, doesn't hold as much power as program overseer. Project overseers are elected to either lead projects or aid governors in some minor way. This role is sometimes used as a test for future program overseers.
  • Resident - A standard member of Society. They can join programs and projects, participate in secret group activities, and create new projects and programs.
  • Associate Researcher - These people are not members of the society, they are associates.
  • Recruit - A new member of Society, generally older and well known and well respected players are given resident directly, this role is primarily reserved for people overseers are not sure of or new players.


The Society (Also known as the Society Project) was formed from HappySeniorMan's reddit post, "Ideas for bored builders." The post was about an idea to transform Spawn's lavacasts into a city for newfags to stay and develop. After the idea was well received by the 2b2t subreddit, HappySeniorMan created a group which goal was to create this spawn society.

The first base that was ever made was Melon Hamlet, given that name due to the excessive usage of melons for construction. It might not have been pretty, but for many members of the base it was the first time they had experienced teamwork between players on 2b2t on a large scale. After Melon Hamlet, two more spawnbases were created, but none had the same level of activity as the first. After these bases were made, HappySeniorMan became inactive, and The Society as a whole did as well.

After a long period of inactivity, The Society Project began a revival after Society Governor SonEasterZombie declared that their original spawnbase, Melon Hamlet, would be rebuilt after its complete grief. Soon other Governors joined him in rebuilding the Hamlet. After the Hamlet was griefed for the 2nd time, reconstruction of the base ended.

Shortly after reconstruction ended, The Society was invited to join the United Group Embassy. There, members held several leading roles and were focused primarily on the UGE until it eventually became inactive before and during the Sixth Incursion. It was during this period of inactivity that The Society changed its goal to the one it has now: to research methods of living safely very close to spawn, observe player behavior on a large and small scale, and to collect information on as many 2b2t players as possible, no matter how long they stay on the server. To accomplish this, several programs have been created, each accomplishing a separate goal.

Since then Society has been doing fairly well, but have mostly kept to themselves. Society has been slowly expanding. A notable event that has happened since then are surveys, which are Google Forms posted on reddit, discord and in game. They contain general questions regarding the playstyle of players, and other interesting information, like groups.

Experimental Bases

Several bases have been created by The Society since the end of the Sixth Incursion for the purpose of testing theories surrounding player behavior and how a base's surrounding area affects its lifespan. The "control" test for these bases was Aeris, a base roughly 40k from overworld spawn that had a portal directly in the center of it, which was done to represent the worst-case scenario. Lasting for 11 days, this represents a good baseline for how effective even basic methods of protection like getting rid of your portal are.

There are currently 3 bases which test various new methods of staying hidden, all of which have lasted far longer than the control test (Aeris), despite being even closer to 0,0. While alkahest_ is the official head-builder among the governors, no single governor runs this program.



The Society does not have any allies, as anyone willing to assist in observation or experimental bases would be allowed to as an associate (with a few exceptions). Associate groups are given access to Society information, as well as the private discord, but will not receive full membership roles. As no specific group or faction has ever destroyed a Society Project base or otherwise interfered with a program, The Society has no enemies either, and this will most likely remain that way as it is not a PvP faction.

Former Collaborators

Notable Members

  • Edgelord_exe (Governor) - Took over SEZ and Nate after they decided to step down due to inactivity. Currently working on expanding the Society.
  • Penguinos (Governor) - Took over SEZ and Nate after they decided to step down due to inactivity. Lead of many amazing programs like curatorship program.
  • IronException (Governor) - known for his amazing renders, and immense contribution to the Society.
  • SonEasterZombie (Governor) - a 'reviver' of the Society project. bringing it back from the dead after HappySeniorMan's departure.
  • Natester1001 (Former Governor) - less known player that immensely contributed to the Society.
  • HappySeniorMan (Former Governor) - Founded the Society.
  • Alkahest (Former Governor) - Immense contribution to the Society.
  • Michu (Former Overseer) - One of Societies best coders.
  • Majster Tynek (Project Overseer) - Current lead coder of the Society.

Notable Associates

  • HermeticLock - Former leader of the Spawn Masons, 'Unique Experience Specialist'.
  • SalC1 - Popular 2b2t Youtuber with over 865k subscribers.
  • Killet - A player known for leading many groups on 2b2t most notably the Second Anti-Incursion.
  • ThebesAndSound - A player committed to doing projects around spawn most notably the Great Spawn Trench and the Southern Canal.