The Republic of Portals

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The Republic of Portals
Republic of Portals Banner.png
The banner of the Republic of Portals
Approx. FoundedAugust 2016
Notable Members
30 ( Plus Citizens (old)) -none till reopening
Notable Bases

The Republic of Portals, originally named the Portal Hoppers, was a group founded by RCfoolz that consisted of members formerly from VoCo and the Peacekeepers. Their goal was to attempt to make 2b2t a peaceful place and explore the server. The last President was maxtorcd55. It existed August 2016 - October 2016 (as the Portal Hoppers), from November 2016 - December 2016 (as the Highway Helpers) and finally from June 2017 - July 2017 (and has disbanded until it is needed again).


The Republic of Portals will assist any groups that understand its morals. Though it might not support a group military wise, It can support in propaganda, depending on who you talk to within the Republic.

The Republic of Portals allows people from multiple groups into their ranks, as long as you support there cause. With the republic tending to the wants of the people who agree, they consist of a small military force gained by members with no other affiliation, or ones who volunteered for the republic army.

The Republic is made up of many people and different groups with similar ideas and attempts of peace. They "form people from different ideals, into a connected one, while still supporting their main group."

The above is no longer relevant due to the drop in activity.


Though the Republic doesn't seem big, It has attempted to talk to other groups.