The Republic

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The Republic
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Flag of The Republic
Approx. FoundedDecember 2017
Notable Members
Notable Bases

The Republic is a group on 2b2t that has existed since December of 2017. It was founded by Bartolome_Mitre to house Spanish speaking players escaping spawn as part of ElRichMC's 'Spanish Invasion.' Mitre would be the last original member, who is still playing. The group remaining, it still has approximately 20 members and is currently an active group. The group was founded with the intention not to PvP at Spawn, but instead to build bases.


"La Capital" Old town district

The first base built by The Republic was called "The Capital" or "La Capital". It existed from 2017 until early 2018. A second base, Buenos Aires, was founded in 2018 and lasted until mid 2018. Another 2018 base, "Versailles," lasted almost until 2019. A base called 'Eagle's Nest" was founded in 2019. Later, "Santa Teresa Outpost" was built in 2019, and "Ginebra" was also founded late in the year. Ginebra was griefed in mid 2020. Not only was it The Republic's largest project yet, it also had the most base members.


The Republic steered clear of group drama since its foundation, leading to a meme common in the groups which is to call it "more neutral than Switzerland." Its largest contribution to the community was finding a TP exploit that was found to be able to lag the server, making it crash each time the glitched account joined back. They passed the information to Hausemaster

The group runs the "Republic Radio" YouTube channel, which houses the RRN (Republic Radio News) project.

The group is a direct democracy, their only rank is "Citizen", with the rest of the ranks being purely titular in nature. People vote in the "congress" chat for any proposals they have, and they also vote when someone wants to join the group. New members are given the same privileges and permissions as old members.


In 2020, a random player was exploring with elytra when he found the ruins of Versailles and the connected city of Ginebra. He leaked the coordinates in a reddit post, inviting anyone who waned to grief the place. After seeing this, the players commonly known as Crystal and Banzy started to save all the artifacts at the museum and defended the city for almost a week, killing all players who tried to grief it.