The Republic

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The Republic
Flag of The Republic
FoundedDecember 2017

The Republic is a group on 2b2t that has existed since December of 2017. It was founded by Bartolome_Mitre to house Spanish speaking players escaping spawn as part of ElRichMC's 'Spanish Invasion.' Mitre would be the last original member, who is still playing. The group still has approximately 20 members and is currently an active group. The group was founded with the intention not to PvP at Spawn, but instead to build bases.

Ginebra's Museum


-La Capital (2017-2018) was the place where the group was founded and Bartolome_Mitre's first base outside of spawn. It was located around 100k 100k

The Republic Territories

From 2018 to 2020, the group would attempt to colonize a region of around 600k blocks known as The Republic Territories, this region would be composed of various interconnected bases, outposts, roads and other projects, such as random builds in the middle of nowhere.

Noteworthy Locations:

-Buenos Aires (2018) a large base built in an 1800s French style (So called “Republic Style”)

-Versalles (2018) a large “Republic Style” base

-Santa Teresa Outpost (2019 - 2020) a small monastery and outpost

-The Prussian Embassy (2019 -?) a small outpost built for the “Kingdom of Prussia” group

-Eagles Nest (2019) a german town with a commemorative church for the Valkyria group

-The Holy Land (2019 - 2020) a large Byzantine style base dedicated to the building of churches

-Ginebra (2019 - ?) a large Republic Style base accidentally built in close proximity to Versalles

-Enclave Station 1 (2019 - ?) a bunker for the Republic Enclave subgroup

-Via Apia (2019 - 2020) a large road connecting all the different bases from Versalles and Ginebra to The Holy Land
"La Capital" Old town district
-Various other locations

(No longer in The Republic Territories)

-Acre (2020 - 2021) the first Republic base over 1 million out and an outpost for the Hospitallers

-Carilo (2021 - ?) a large “Republic Style” base

-Republic Town (2021) a small outpost meant to become the main base

-Bariloche (2021 - 2022) a small nordic town in the snow

-Nuremberg (2022-2022) a large “Republic Style” base

-Theodoro (2022) a small byzantine town


The Republic steered clear of group drama since its founding, but would still fall in to it later on. Its largest contribution to the community was finding a TP exploit which they named “The Democracy Exploit”. The exploit was able to multiply the users coordinate positions x8 by using a nether portal, however it was also able to lag the server, glitching the user's account and making the server crash each time this account joined back. They passed the information to Hausemaster who then managed to patch it.

The group runs the "Republic Radio" YouTube channel, which houses the RRN (Republic Radio News) project.

The group is a direct democracy, their only rank is "Citizen", with the rest of the ranks being purely ornamental in nature. People vote in the "congress" chat for any proposals they have, and they also vote when someone wants to join the group. New members are given the same privileges and permissions as old members.

The Republic used to be ally with the The Order due to aodrael and Bartolome_Mitre's past friendship.


Back in 2020, DonFuer was interested in making The Republic a part of its group, however for multiple reasons The Republic believed that DonFuer was trying to fool and inside the group in order to carry out an aggressive takeover and to fully annex it. This fear would be found to be partially right as orsond, a DonFuer member at the time, convinced some of its members to leak coordinates and proceeded to grief the base in order for D_loaded to invite the group to base with them. Due to the high amounts of paranoia in The Republic, this did not happen and instead, The Republic would ally with The Order in a long and pointless struggle that would define the experience of the 2 following years which resulted in the grief of many bases, both in DonFuer and The Republic


There were 2 battles in the history of The Republic, the participants of which were awarded the “medal of honour” role

In 2020, a random player was exploring with Elytra when he found the ruins of Versailles and the connected city of Ginebra. He leaked the coordinates in a Reddit post, inviting anyone who wanted to grief the place. After seeing this, the players commonly known as Crystal and Banzy started to save all the artefacts at the museum and defended the city for almost a week, killing all players who tried to grief it. This is known as "The battle of Versalles"

In 2022. an inactive member by the name of Kuas decided to come with their friends in order to grief the place, however, they were defeated in combat by Albert in a 1 vs 3 fight, managing to kill Kuas and forcing the other 2 to combat log. This was a rather unexpected turn of events that the group managed to enjoy while he live-streamed through VC