The Pedolarpers

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"Hausemastah, w4nt t0 build 4 d1rt tog3ther? Housemustard. Hause, Hœwz... Hause..."

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"The pedolarpers are a group which seeks to make as many players mad as possible."

The Pedolarpers (first coined by Sato86 in 2020) was an incident/group where the player Finn_Fry posted an NSFW picture of what he called a minor in multiple 2b2t discords including the Imperial discord. Over the next few hours and days Finn_Fry, MrCK10, Hamma, and Solour86 would spread the photo saying it was a photo from of a minor. In reality, the photo was of Tim_McNukepants' ex-girlfriend, and the photo had been posted by Tim 6 months prior to multiple discords. Despite this, many people believed it was actually CP, leading to player CirocDrop contacting Sato86, who made a video on the situation. As a result of the backlash, most of the Pedolarpers have since gone inactive.

The pedolarper Bases

The Pedolarper main base was founded by Solour86, Hamma, Lowdown69 and Merick in early 2020. Later Finn_Fry and others where invited. This base remains ungreifed. The pedolarpers created several recruit pedolarper bases where new pedolarpers would base, such as the Pedolarper spawn base with DeathBlessing and 0egg.


In November of 2019, Solour68 made a video, that was uploaded by Hamma, where he interviews CatholicKavanagh and mocks him by calling him an incel. The video was recorded and uploaded without CatholicKavanagh's consent. Solour68 would then send threatening messages to CatholicKavanagh concerning his son.

"Leaked DMS of @CatholicKavanagh searching for a caretaker for his son 😂😂", "@CatholicKavanagh id fuck your son up if I was left with him", "Btw wheres the proof of me being a pedo hmmmm🤨 NOWHERE"

Hamma, a friend of Solour68, had been telling mostly underage users to write his name on parts of their bodies, and then send a picture of it to him. The body-parts he chose to write his name onto where not genitalia, but mostly the stomach or leg. Hamma had also been taunting CatholicKavanagh, and edited his messages to more innocent ones after it. Although seen as a joke by many Imperials, Hamma acted like a predator.

MrCK10 attempted to frame SoiledCold (Leader of TeamNoTrees) for being a pedophile by editing his discord messages in the browser version of discord (With Inspect Element) and taking screenshots of it. He tried to frame him for being active in the Black Market and for his group, TeamNoTrees, being a "Pedophile Cult", using the same methods. DavidPrydain was also targeted by MrCK10 after the news broke out.

DeathsBlessing recently accused by several members of the 2b2t community was posting alleged CP in public channels claiming to be a lowdown and solour follower.