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The Order is a group that was founded on December 12th, 2020 by aodrael & SolarNapalm. The group is known for its "pro-newfag" outlook, and wishes to invite and help players. It also has a focus on trying to improve relations between other groups. The group functions as a democracy, having elections for "Prime Minister" every 4 months, although it maintains aodrael as its king. The Order is a direct rebirth of a previous group called "Unitopia," which was originally founded in August 31st of 2019. The group has around 80 members, 2 known base, and 50 "outposts," which are smaller bases ran by newer members.
The Order
The Order Banner.

"Glory to The Order!"
StatusVery Active
FoundedDecember 12th, 2020
BasesWhitehaven, aodvael.


The Order was started after aodrael was banned from the Spawn rangers on December 12 2020, a group that he had originally started back in August of 2019 and that was later annexed by DonFuer. The start of The Order was followed by an extended tense period between them and DonFuer. The Order then allied with The Republic against D_loaded, in order to stop his insiding attempts. The Order was shortly annexed by the Hospitallers (run by The Republic) in order to make aodrael disappear. It only lasted a month as it wasn’t working, and the group moved on as DonFuer concentrated more on The Republic until the conflict died out. The Order helped to revive The Democratic Group Alliance (now known as the League of Based Groups) with the help of SoiledCold and The Republic. The first Prime Minster was KillerShark716 and him and aodrael wrote the constitution for The Order. They then founded Whitehaven in February 2021 as their first main base. aodrael then began inviting various members, such as Kuas, Gilded_Apple, and Cyynapse. In March, the group attempted to kick out a younger member, as Cyynapse was uncomfortable having kids in the group. However, due to Cyynapse's naiveté, the member was able to escape, and the group decided to grief the base themselves. Cyynapse has since been disallowed of any executive decisions without aodrael's approval. On August 14 2021 the group would rebrand to simply "The Order" as a means of simplifying the group.




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