Old Spawn Road

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Old Spawn Road
"Almost no people were online, and this man built a damn road tens of thousands of blocks long" - Fredmodulars

LegitYarik on a horse traveling the old spawn road throughout its construction.
Cardinal DirectionWest
StartWrath of Armorsmith
EndTerminal Base

The Old Spawn Road, also known as the Non-Axis road or the West Road, is a road that does not run on any axis and stretches for ~27,000 blocks. It is one of the oldest roads on the server and is unique in the fact that it does not stay in a straight path and it twists and turns. The road, along with most other highways, access roads, and roads, was made and restored by several players. It was also one of, if not the, longest non-axis road on the server at one point. It now dwarfs in comparison to most non-axis and axis highways.


The old spawn road was built by a player named LegitYarik - his (now dead) post on Minecraft forums - in 2013/14 as he needed a way back to his base as an alternative to coordinates, which he disliked as "they ruined the immersion".[1] The road passes through the now ruined Castle Hatehart, which was also created by LegitYarik, and the present-day 1533 Highway. A repair group was founded, dubbed "The Fellowship of the Road," however this is not confirmed by LegitYarik or other players.[1] The road also passes near the relatively intact 2014 base "UMONFORD" with signs dating back to that year. The Old Spawn Road also passes by near an End Portal.


The road was completely griefed by Armorsmith at the beginning of 2018. Armorsmith himself would later build his wrath at the beginning of the road, located at -3500 300. Demolition to the Wrath was throughout (and by) the Sixth Incursion. After Armorsmith griefed the road, multiple restoration projects have been done, and these days the road is now somewhat intact thanks to the efforts of multiple players restoring it. BestConNA connected the road to an old terminal, which was blown up, both the griefer and the path extender being Armorsmith's friends.[1][2] The tower nearby the Old Spawn Road at Castle Hatehart (pictured above) was also restored in a recent restoration attempt. As part of the restoration, blocks were added, that weren't nessceraly cobblestone. In addition, several detours were made to avoid the Withers which were spawned on the way. The Old Spawn Road still serves as a high traffic location and many players built sanctuaries and bases near it.

Terminal Base

Phase I

Before 2018, a cathedral and a small fountain were built and griefed 27000 blocks away from Spawn. The builder Medicated_ came to the site after the end of 2019, as well as other random players passing by & repaired the area. Armorsmith's Followers connected the Old Spawn Road to the base, against Medicated_'s will, practically setting a final edge to the road, and making it officially stretch for 27000 blocks & in doing so attempted to commandeer the base from Medicated_. The base was then named the "Terminal Base" by Armorsmith, despite be referred to as 'The Sanctuary' previously by visitors, as he thought this would be more suiting due to its usage as the final landmark and border between Old Spawn Road territory, and the open map of Spawn. Eventually, Armorsmith grew tired & bitter of the vast progress made by Medicated_ at the base and decided to grief it along with its huge wheat farm.

Terminal Base
Terminal Base

Fastvincent1 later toured the base along with the griefer.

Phase II

A few months after the destruction of the base, Medicated_ announced the reconstruction of the entire project, by building a large city above the griefed wheat farms on the hillside. This time, Armorsmith's Followers tried to ally with Medicated_ by making him an 'official contact' and adding him to the group against his wishes. They then completely repaired the cathedral, added a new Armorsmith castle, expanded the base and added hammers and sickles and infrastructure such as EXP farms. The base was then used by Armorsmith to test his new recruits, and he took it upon himself to take credit for the efforts of Medicated_ and other players whenever it was necessary to give the impression he had some semblance of control, when in-fact no one really listened to his orders. Thanks to the group of random travelers, loosely organized by Medicated_, the base turned into one of the largest Spawn bases ever constructed. Eventually it was griefed by Armorsmith out of spite and bitterness.

Phase III

Eventually, Armorsmith's Followers stopped greifing the Terminal Base as well as attempting to undermined Medicated_. Later, in 2021, a few other players found Medicated_ 'afk' fishing at the ruins of the base, and decided to help rebuild and upkeep the base. One player, decided to re-add the Armorsmith's Followers' logo, the hammer and sickles, back into some of the buildings after seeing previous world downloads, which then led to the base being minorly griefed by a few players, who disliked the Armorsmith's Followers. Shortly thereafter, Medicated_ and the other players took down the hammers and sickles. After the grief, Armorsmith sent one of his followers to check up on the base, but they didn't stay to help rebuild. Medicated_ had expressed that he would like Armorsmith to remove his name from Armorsmith's Followers website, and never agreed to be apart of his group to begin with, but against Medicated_'s will, Armorsmith kept his listed as one of their members.

Medicated_ and the other players quickly rebuilt most of the base, excluding the hammer and sickles from the buildings, as well as expanding the base quite significantly. Armorsmith came to the base a couple weeks later, and asked the group to put back up the hammers and sickles, attempting once again to undermine the group efforts and take credit,. The group refused to do so. Armorsmith then killed members of the group who were online, and called in members of the Backstreet Boys to help grief the base, as the base was so large he couldnt grief it all himself. Unfortunatly this time majorly, entirely destroying the original cathedral which stood there, along with the rest of the city, just recently rebuilt.

A significant footnote is a giant lady figure made out of cobblestone that lays on top of -X highway. It's considered an element of the base and was built right before the grief by Medicated_.

Medicated_ and the group decided not to rebuild the base at the time, as they had been doing for a couple months, but to move somewhere else. Now referring to themselves as "The Xiled" but only loosely associated.

Phase IV

The Ruined City

After a short period of time, Medicated_ started putting more ruined buildings into the already ruined base. He's been doing it for 2 years which greatly increased the size of the ruins. The western side of the base had mostly repaired part with grass paths and some houses.

The new look of an ancient, ruined city made mostly out of cobblestone was embraced by its builder.

Many new players stumbled upon the ruined base including a player called frogq0 (nicknamed Polandowskyy at the time) which saw the base at around 10/09/2023. For now they didn't want anything else but to admire the ruins and take a few items.

The base as seen by froggo at 10/09/2023.

However, after they died hundreds of thousands of blocks later, frogq0 decided to come back to the base, and start rebuilding two of the huts and parts surrounding it at 13/09/2023. They also left a sign with their discord, wanting to contact anyone willing to repair the base.

First Contact

Frogq0 was contacted a few hours later by Medicated_. He also added frogq0 to The Xiled discord. The players appreciated each other's work and started collaborating. Because frogq0 was a newbie on their current account, they didn't have any items. Medicated_ brought shulker after shulker of building materials, mostly cobblestone and stone. This quickly accelerated both players' work.

The players were collaborating for a total of 3 days, and right after that even more players joined their effort.

The Total Rebuild

The base immediately gained interest from other Xiled as well as new ones - on 17/09/2023 CeilingLover56 from the Xiled started building with the group, and on the same date, MightyOshy joined.

Players quickly rebuilt more and more of the ruins, and after that they started building their own!

MightyOshy rebuilt the observatory at the west border of the base, and later focused on survival aspect of the base, building a massive villager trading hall and a gunpowder farm.

Medicated_ finished the pyramid, covered it in grass and gave it some quartz flair. He also worked on generally improving the look of many parts of the base.

After finishing the Ziggurat (as seen above), frogq0 started rebuilding more huts around their own, and rebuilding the terrain under the western part of the base. They also started building The Mighty Temple of Mightyness.

The Terminal's cathedral that was there since Phase I was standing completely destroyed for a long time, and was also rebuilt by CeilingLover56.

The First Step Back

A lot of smaller buildings were built after that, many new players joined. More people started to get invited into the Xiled, including players such as soulblxze, 322Prometeus and Fen1an. However nothing can be perfect for such a long time. At 17th of October, the base was griefed. The griefer was a Russian player called dssz3_XTRM.

dssz3_XTRM's sign left right after the grief.

It wasn't a big grief, so the base members quickly mobilized and repaired the damage. The grief destroyed most of the base's supplies and mechanisms, which wasn't great for MightyOshy as he was the author of most of these. The Mighty Temple of Mightyness' sorter was also destroyed. After a while, the base was looking good, but the villager trading hall and some of the other mechanisms were never rebuilt, as it was viewed as too risky.

New projects were started, such as building a patch of new, hollow chunks. Medicated_ also built plenty of small ruins around the base.

After the repairs & some new projects the base members started to focus more on the real life, while frogq0 started to basehunt in the millions.

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  • LegitYarik
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