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The Museum was a server open to the public, basically a public version of The Vault server. It was created to showcase not only the most iconic builds of 2b2t but also some of the smaller and newer builds. The goal of the museum was to collect and preserve as much of 2b2t's history as possible for future players to visit and hopefully gain inspiration to build and not destroy the rich history of 2b2t.


The Museum was created by tomah54660/jddinger, also known as The_Director2b2t on Reddit, who had the idea to create such a server over since 2016 and spent close to a year gathering world downloads. It went public on June 14th, 2017.


Many oldfriends and midfriends opposed The Museum due to rumors of the server being an IP grabber. These accusations were based on the fact the /seen [username] command works on the server. A now infamous player named Beardler (see BoeMeccan Witch Trials), who was OP on the museum, used it to get jared2013's IP address and leak it on the subreddit. In fact, many other Museum staff and OPs had jared's IP address but chose not to share it. After this incident, there was only one OP and getting IPs was impossible for anyone else.

After Fit griefed Summermelon, a base that Offtopia was heavily involved with, Rocket Town was removed from the Museum. However it was later re-added at /warp RocketTown.

After the grief of Block Game Mecca and the Boedecken, Beardler, one of the main admins on the museum, was suspected of leaking the base's coordinates. This put a negative light on the museum until things were solved. In the end, it became apparent that Beardler was responsible and the museum reopened with him deopped and better management restored. Despite these changes, many new players avoided the server because of Fit's claims. This led to the Museum becoming increasingly inactive, and the server was eventually shut down.

Featured Builds

Staff Team


  • The Museum had many people working in the background to make it possible, from Offtopia who was in constant search of new bases to repair and add, to THEJudgeHolden who created a new hub, and HermeticLock who created the website.
  • The Museum had over 130 world downloads to showcase currently with more added daily. The server IP was .
  • The members of the Museum "guild" ranged from Old Friends, Middle Friends and New Friends.