The Mentlegen

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The Mentlegen
FoundedDecember 2010
BasesMultiple bases near spawn

The Mentlegen were a 2b2t group active between 2010 and early 2011—potentially making them the server's oldest group.


The Mentlegen was a group founded in December 2010, possibly making it the server’s oldest group. It was founded by a player named Nyrab. After he discovered the server on 4chan, he and two friends started multiple small bases close to Spawn. The group eventually allowed popbob to grief their last base and disbanded. The group consisted multiple bases - on of which is available on The Archive - and remnants of the base - most notable signs - were visible in Overworld Spawn downloads as recently as 2018. The existence of the group became known when Nyrab returned to the community in 2021.

Nyrab and Artos2000 at their base on The Archive in 2021