The Mentlegen

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The Mentlegen
FoundedDecember 2010
BasesMultiple bases near spawn

The Mentlegen were a 2b2t group in 2010 and early 2011, possibly making them the server's oldest group. Their existence came into common knowledge with the return of its founder Nyrab to the 2b2t community in May 2021.


Nyrab, the founder of the group, originally saw the 2b2t advert on /b/ in mid-November 2010. The server hadn't been up for more than a day or two, and spawn was still totally green with no damaged blocks. Only a few other players were on. He then invited Artos2000 and Shibbyking to play with him, and they based within 150 blocks of spawn, inside a mountain. No one found the group for a day or so. Hacks were unheard of at the time in the game, but the group still managed to gear up and kill a bunch of newfags, and made some good rivalries.

The next day, the base was being looted as the group logged on; they tried to defend it and lost. Nyrab and the group started from scratch again at an underwater base, again pretty close to spawn because beds didn't work.

The third base for the Mentlegen is on The Archive. It was in the middle of a forest, under a tree and was the last base the group made in 2010. In spite of this, parts of the base (including some signs) are visible in the Overworld spawn download from 2018. The grass that is at bedrock level was naturally grown down to such a depth, since Silk Touch wouldn't be in the game for over 11 more months.

The group's next base was the Mentlefortress, built in early 2011. At that time a few more players such as Sandulf, Wulfpleides, Sapler, Ashen Pelt, and bb_buster were all part of the group around then. The group then built a large vine-covered tower, which was initially a bedrock to sky limit mob spawner. The group needed 3 people to AFK, and they got stacks of resources, as well as enough TNT to grief everything they wanted, and the group slowly started destroying others' bases on the server more often.
Nyrab and Artos2000 at their base on The Archive in 2021
Around the middle of 2011, they got bored of the tower base, and ended up griefing and abandoning it after a server update.

They then built a netherrack fort, that was griefed by x0XP within a fortnight of the group finishing it. The group later disbanded due to server downtime, but later came back and built an outpost, and also moved back into the Mentlefortress. The group rebuilt, upgraded their base, was joined by Ajir, the group's best builder, and kept on griefing and trolling other people, eventually getting bored again, after which Nyrab invited popbob to come grief the base. This time, the group wouldn't move onto another project, and was essentially disbanded.