The Last Templar

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The Last Templar
FoundedMarch 4, 2018
DisbandmentJanuary 7, 2024

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The Last Templar was an exclusive building group founded by King_Aurelius, GenderPretender, and ForRussia. They were well-known for their bases Argonath and New Argonath, and for their 10k highway monuments. They tended to avoid griefing.


The founding members of the group were originally part of the group FrostGard, which was lead by Vanex, during November 2017. As the four players remained the only active members, they decided to build a base with plans of being larger than Wintermelon. Eventually, on March 2, 2018, Vanex decided to take a break from Minecraft, and so disbanded the group. Two days later, on March 4th, 2018, the three players reformed into the Last Templar, named this way in caution of another group named the Templars.

For every anniversary since the group was founded, the members came together to build monuments 10,000 blocks out an Overworld highway chosen by King_Aurelius.[1]

On January 7th, 2024, King_Aurelius formally disbanded the group after prolonged inactivity from the server.


The Last Templar held no affiliation either negative or positive with other 2b2t groups.

Major Bases