The Last Templar

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Existed: March 2nd, 2018 - January, 22nd, 2019 March 19th, 2019-Present
Status: Attempting a Revival
Members: 13
Bases: 1-5

The Last Templar was a group founded originally by players Aurelius, GenderPretender (Licinius), and Cody784 (Adeodatus) with the intention of building and creating on the server. The group would also avoid greifing bases that took time to make.


The founding members of the group were originally apart of a small group known as FrostGard, which was lead by Vanex, during November of 2017. As the four players remained the only active members, they decided to build a base with plans of being larger than Wintermelon. Eventually, on March 2nd, 2018, Vanex decided to take a break from Minecraft, and so disbanded the group. Two days later, on March 4th, 2018, the three players reformed into the Last Templar, named this way in caution of another group named the Templars. This group would go on to join the United Group Embassy.

As of recent, the group has been largely inactive and on the brink of disbanding.


  • Emperium - Allied
  • United Group Embassy - Former Member (UGE Disbanded)
  • Exodus - Allied
  • Astral Order - Neutral
  • Infrared - Enemies
  • Gay Group 666 - Hated

Group List

  • Aurelius (Founder) (Grand Master) (Pope)
  • Cody784 (Adeodatus)(Founder) (Master Prior)
  • GenderPretender (Licinius) (Founder) (Master Prior)
  • Dqwnzers (Knight) (Companion)
  • NotActuallyADad (Lars) (Knight) (Monsignor)
  • SalC1 (Monsignor) (Knight)
  • DopeyXin (Marcus) (Sergeant)
  • astrxllei (Aquila) (Companion)
  • xented (Argentum) (Companion)
  • InfernoPickaxe (Infernus) (Companion)
  • Jakethasnake52 (Companion)
  • Scavenger_44 (Sapientia) (Companion)
  • MadNug_2 (Vitruvius) (Companion)
  • Mactonight (Titus)