Knights of Millstone

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The Knights of Millstone
FoundedApril 8th, 2020
LeaderDWWW0517, linus, SkillfullyDumb
Bases~2 (The Palace of the Trusted, The Town of Millstone)

The Knights of Millstone group was created on April 8th, 2020, by DWW0517, linus (formerly known as PitGuide), and SkillfullyDumb.


The group was created after the three founders met up while escaping the spawn of 2b2t. Once travelled out far enough, they created the first base of the group, "The Palace of the Trusted." A couple of weeks passed before Cheddardog32, ManInAClan, and a few other people joined, this calls for the creation of their Discord server, originally named, "The Dark Knights." The growth of The Dark Knights was slow at first with a gradual incline, this remained until DWW0517, the group leader, created a Reddit post on the r/2b2t_Uncensored subreddit advertising the group with the Discord server's invite link. This caused a big boom in the group's population as the Reddit post hinted towards handing out free items to new players.

Before the server had the huge growth in popularity, since it was a small group of people, everyone trusted each other and so there was only one base for the entire group. This base was The Palace of the Trusted, but once lots of people began to join the group, there wasn't enough time to get to know everyone enough to give them the coordinates to the base. This called for another base, one specifically made for members to stay at until they were trusted enough to move to the main base. After a new member base was established, "The Town of Millstone," the official name of the group was changed to "The Knights of Millstone."

Notable Members

  • DWWW0517 (Founder)
  • linus/PitGuide (Founder)
  • SkillfullyDumb (Founder)
  • Cheddardog32
  • ManInAClan
  • Several others