The Jew Masons

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The Jew Masons are a group created in May 2019 to ridicule the Spawn Masons begging for Discord Boosts. The Jew Masons started as a meme group but are now a fully fledged Private group.


The Jew Masons were founded by v999 and FarmerJoe after the Spawn Masons made their discord public to build up Discord Boosts. Anyone who boosted was given a "Scout" rank, coordinates to a brand new "Spawn Mason Scout" base, and additional permissions in the server. The Jew Masons offered pay to join ranks, up to $300, to mock the Spawn Masons, although the ranks were given free to the leaders friends.. They were advertised by its members in the spawn mason discord and other 2b2t discords and rapidly gained several hundred members. After the Spawn Mason discord was closed and all non paying members were banned, the group became innactive and members lost interest. After some time TigerMouthBear became owner of the server and quickly made HighAtWork the new owner of The Jew Masons (Revamped)Though shortly after HighAtWork left brownmen and one of the discords admins got token logged and the server was raided, HighAtWork reopens the server on 11/12/20.

Recruitment Wave

In October of 2019, FarmerJoe removed the pay to join ranks and began advertising the group again, increasing activity. A priority queue giveaway was started for people with 10 or more invites to the Jew Mason discord, and it encouraged more people to advertise. A 5 invite requirement was added to join, but it was removed later because it caused the number of recruits to decrease drastically. The Jew Masons are currently public as of November 12th 2020.


So far the Jew Masons have only been featured in a few youtube videos by FarmerJoe, however, this has been enough to bring hundreds of people to their discord server.

Ranks (Highest to Lowest)

The King




Jew Recruit



The King - 1

HighAtWork (Leader)

Joo - 2

hannah_mtf (Joo)


Jew - 3

SoiledCold (Jew)

c0mmie_ (Jew)

zoli7613 (Jew)

The Founder - 1

FarmerJoe (The Founder)