The Jew Masons

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The Jew Masons
FoundedJanuary 3, 2017
Members~40 at its peak

The Jew Masons were established in May 2019 as a humorous response to the Spawn Masons' quest for Discord Boosts. Initially a meme group, The Jew Masons eventually evolved into a fully-fledged private group.


The Jew Masons were founded by v999 and FarmerJoe after the Spawn Masons made their Discord public in an effort to boost their server. Those who provided boosts were rewarded with a "Scout" rank, access to coordinates for a new "Spawn Mason Scout" base, and additional permissions on the server. The Jew Masons, on the other hand, facetiously offered paid membership ranks, some priced as high as $300, to satirize the Spawn Masons, although these ranks were often given free to the leaders' friends. Members of The Jew Masons promoted their group in the Spawn Mason Discord and various other 2b2t Discord servers, rapidly attracting several hundred members.

However, when the Spawn Mason Discord was closed and non-paying members were banned, The Jew Masons became inactive, and interest waned. Later, HighAtWork took ownership of The Jew Masons (Revamped). However, shortly after HighAtWork left the Brownmen and one of the Discord admins had their account compromised, leading to a server raid. Nevertheless, HighAtWork revived the server on 11/12/20. Unfortunately, the group was disbanded on 7/18/21.

The Nuke

After a year of the group's activity, a member named Infisrael gained access to Discord admin privileges. Shortly afterward Infisrael Discord account got hacked and the group's 800+ member Discord server was completely wiped in a nuke. This event led to a period of inactivity for the group until HighAtWork revived it.

Ranks (Highest to Lowest)

Jewiest of Jews Joo Jew Council Jew Jewcruit Allies Media Friends OG Jew

Notable members

Will be updated after the revival

Notable former members