The Invisible Castle

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The Invisible Castle was a base established by an unknown player around June 2011. Its rediscovery in 2020 resulted in its demise in 2023, 12 years after its foundation.


The Invisible Castle
InhabitantsUnknown 2011 Player, The Invisible Knights
StartedJune 2011
Griefed14th March 2023
World download
LinkNot Available

The base was located almost 200 000 blocks from Spawn. The Founder of the base still remains as mystery to this day. The only clue was a sign at the base which said ‘Produit Fini’, meaning ‘final product’ in French. The terrain around the base was generated in Java Edition Beta 1.6.6, which 2b2t was running during June 2011. The base contained a big castle, with outer walls, and a church. It also had a build with storage, and a throne room.


After it was abandoned a few players would visit it, creating more ‘modern’ chunks around the base as the server progressed. Even ITristan would visit the terrain nearby, leaving a sign. It would remain mostly untouched until it was found in 2020 by the explorer Courier6. He recognized it as an old base and found Alpha Slabs at the base. He would share the location with close ones and thereby attract many new tourists.

In the Fall of 2022, a group known as The Invisible Knights would find the base. This was a group of 10—15 friends who just had started on 2b2t together. They decided to make this their base, and started adding builds to the castle. After a few weeks, the base had grown to be a big base, with a lot of new builds such as a big Jesus statue, the Eiffel Tower, and a big hole dug all the way down to bedrock. The group decided to call the castle "The Invisible Castle" because of how long the base had lasted. Previous tourists of the base started to notice this group building here . Many thought it was not ok to build near the castle, as it was one of the few remaining 2011 bases left. Others thought it was cool that they would revive an old base.

In November 2022, the players Chiekn and Crazyguy 123 decided to remove all the new additions to preserve the original base, essentially ‘griefing’ the base to maintain it. Together they managed to completely restore the base to its former state, without being noticed. Tensions rised when the group found out, and rumors started to spread of them griefing the base.


In early 2023, a few players of The Invisible Knights decided to go back and check out the base after they decided to abandon it. They arrived to the castle blown up, and no trace of the griefers.[1] People started pointing fingers at eachother after this. A player would also rebuild the base almost right after the grief, but was quickly demolished again.