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Fit seeing Infinity Incursion banners

"Are Incursions really dead just because a bald guy said so?" — BachiBachBach

The Infinity Incursion is a movement to preserve the tradition of Incursions on 2b2t.


The Infinity Incursion was founded on the 10th of August 2019 by BachiBachBach. The Infinity Incursion is a result of the failed 8th Incursion lead by jared2013. BachiBachBach (also just called Bachi) who was jared2013's right hand during the 8th incursion was given full control over the discord and the project after jared2013 accepted his failure and left. Bachi restructured the old 8th Incursion Discord and stabilized the project within a few days.

Before he could take any action with restarting the 8th Incursion, jared2013 came back to delete the 8th Incursion discord server. There was a lot of speculation why he deleted the server, maybe because he didn't wanted to ruin his clout even more, maybe because of a deal with Bachi, no one knows exactly except them.

After the deletion, Bachi decided to establish a new discord server with the goal of preserving the tradtion of Incursions and repairing the damaged name of Incursions.

He founded the final Incursion on 2b2t, calling it The Infinity Incursion.


"I want to create a place that combines traditional Incursion events with large scale community projects." — Bachi

The community side of II:

We preserve the tradition of Incursions on 2b2t. The Infinity Incursion is split into a group side and a community side. The original intention was to create a place where the community could relive the experience of incursion like events. Bachi: "I always found the most enjoyment on 2b2t when I was able to interact with the community - meeting new people, having an impact on the spawn region, enjoying the game." You dont need to fill out an application when they announce incursion events, everyone is welcome as long as they respect the group and the other Incursioneers. They are trying not be biased, regardless of which group someone is in so they are actually able to bring the community together. They will still obviously exclude people that are going against them. People that want to attend Incursion Events are granted the role Reactive Incursioneer  which is very fitting because the community side of ii acts Reactive. It means that they only start incursion like events whenever they feel a need for it. Trusted Reactive Incursioneer are granted the role of Trusted Reactive andhave a higher chance of joining the group side of ii.

The group side of II:

Joining the group side of ii is different from joining the community side. The group side is extremely important since they represent a relieable team to support the community side of ii. The group has 2 main ranks: Infinity and Approved for Infinity. There is nothing such as rank grinding in the group, since "Infinity" is the highest obtainable role. They are essentially a tightly knit community of friends and build up a team that they and the community side can rely on. The group and its members is the most important (game related) thing for every Infinity member. The group is the base of the Infinity Incursion since it is supporting every Incursion event, making every event stable because of a healthy, supporting group. Other than that they do "normal" group stuff like basing, stashing, playing other games - enjoying each others company.

Spook base was a series of bases created by the group called The Infinity Incursion to celebrate Halloween, but like anything else on 2b2t, they got griefed.


Spook Base I

Spook base I, was the first base in the spooky trilogy of bases. At the time the base was made, the infinity incursion was being insided by a group called Team Blackfyre. The insider, TheWhiteWolf, leaked the base coords and they were griefed. The base lasted only 2 days and not that much screenshots of spook base I remain due to its short life span.

Spook Base II

Spook base II dragon
people at spook base II

Spook base II was made a week after spook base I was griefed. This base would last significantly longer. It lasted around a week and there are lots of screenshots of this base. The most notable part of the base was the huge dragon in its center. But, nothing lasts forever. Another insider was in infinity incursion. And after getting access to the base, the insider leaked the coordinates through this Reddit post and it was soon griefed.

Spook Base III

spook base III pre-grief
bedrock at spook base III

Spook base III was the final spook base. It was created a few days after spook base II and lasted the rest of October. It was the biggest spook base and lasted the longest. Many more people joined the base. But, just like literally every other spook base, there was an insider. The Insider leaked the coordinates to a 2b2t faction called "The Backstreet boys" which they then griefed it and made a video on it.

Infinity Incursion base made on the temp map



  • #TeamNoTrees
  • The Brownmen
  • Uber Shulker; Uber Shulker is a 2b2t shop run on discord by R33. It is the main supplier of items to the infinity incursion after the shop duped most of their items during the 2020 "Ice Dupe" with intentions of turning it into a personal stash for players R33 and XantredHD but after duping way too much both decided to turn their personal stash into a shop stash. Within 3 days of the concept (04/25/20), the two had a recycled 2000 member discord, logos, and graphics, promotional website (since closed), and were pumping out orders. The shop is now run solely by R33 but with one employee DWW0517.
Shop Logo made by R33 and SankuGG


The first II information text (OUTDATED!!!)


Old alliances

Infinity Incursion Ranks

  • - BachiBachBach
  • Infinity - Amigo, 7san, Azrn, F_00, IronException, Komila, MIKOZIOMEK, Robzzz, Troldehvalp, Venroy, Weetaboy, bobsbasement, laggt, nissan (r33), sanfrancisco, Redstoner
  • Approved for Infinity - Yeetin, AndrefPL, Destiny, djedeiiv, Somepony
  • Allies - Steve3, hausevult, commie, SoiledCold, Redstoner
  • Reactive Incursioneers/Divisions - not listed


  • 10th August 2019 - The Infinity Incursion is founded.
  • End of October - Construction of Spook Base 1,2 and 3
  • Around October/November 2019 - Completion of the Infinity Incursion Spawn Symbol.
  • 8th February 2020 - Bachi takes a break from The Infinity Incursion.
  • Around March - Bachi coming back as the only leader of the Infinity Incursion: Big restructuring of the group.
  • End of March 2020 - Start of the Base Crackhouse
  • 11th April 2020 - Start of the first II Incursion (Coronacursion)
    • 11 April 2020 - II Joins forces with The Bakery to chunk ban the bedrock comet every day
  • 29th April 2020 - Start of the 1025 range obsidian sky roof at spawn
  • 31th of May 2020 - Successfully finished the obsidian sky.
  • 3rd of June 2020 - Contruction of Titan
  • 26 June 2020 - The 10 day Incursion ( Operation Lava Wall ) started
  • 6 July 2020 - Completion of 10 day incursion.

Spook Base I, II, III

Spook base 2 pre-greif.png
Main article: Spook base

The Spook Bases were some of the Infinity Incursions first tries to get attention and get more people in the group. Spook Base I was griefed by an attention seeking group named The Shadow Warriors. Spook Base II was leaked on the reddit leading to independent griefers finding the base. Spook Base III was later griefed by The Backstreet Boys. After all the spook bases were a success since it brought attention to the group.

The Spawn Symbol - Operation Blacksky

Operation Blacksky

The construction of the (formerly) largest symbol on 2b2t.

"After a month of planning and a week of building, we actually did it. The Infinity Incursion has created the largest spawn symbol in 2b2t history. This was done by the best team you could wish for. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Infinity Incursioneers who have worked day and night on this project. Without you this would never have been possible: Amigo, BGP, Phantom, IronException, CirocDrip, Satan, Troldehvalp, commie, OpWolfy, Thearbiter_1912, TheOnlySlash, SyndicateNAA, littlebammbamm, Wasabi, bobsbasement, duckiscool69." — Bachi, leader of the Infinity Incursion.

Operation Blacksky was an event by the infinity incursion that lasted a week. The goal was to make the infinity symbol seen on renders. As of the 11th October, 2019 the infinity symbol is larger then the Armorsmith's Followers symbol and the original SpawnMason symbol, and was the largest symbol at the time. This was until The Masonic Eclipse, which dwarfs all other spawn symbols.

Blacksky figures

  • 589824 obsidian
  • 73728 echests
  • 1152 stacks of echests
  • 43 shulkers of echests (rounded up from 42.666)