The Imperials

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The Imperials
The Imperial Empire 2b2t branch Emblem
FoundedJune 2016
Members30+ in the 2b2t branch, many more collectively.

The Imperials are a multi-server group that plays 2b2t, 2b2t clones, and other games. The Imperials are based on the Roman Republic and Imperials from The Elder Scrolls franchise.


Imperial Empire Banner

The Imperials were founded in 2016, while they themselves claim to have been founded back in 2014. There are no sources that show Imperials being active before the surge of popularity 2b2t gained after June 1st 2016. The group saw a large boost of activity when MrCK10 took over the Imperials in 2018. He made the Imperials into a temporary democracy in 2019 which let DavidPrydain become the next emperor of the Imperials. David focused on creating good relationships with other groups in this time period. he was proceeded by Basileus Constantine, who was later overthrown by MrCK10 under the pseudonym Gamerman. MrCK10 grew the Imperials on 2b2t to about 100 members, and the entire group as a whole to 400 members. However, MrCK10 disbanded the Empire and adopted an entirely new system that would abolish the Empire, and emperors entirely.

DavidPrydain took the group back to an empire for a few months in August September and October, but was kicked after being forced to take over by an internal group calling themselves 'The republicans'. This group was led by MrCK10 but was removed by scooby, DavidPrydain and Notaufred in December 2020 after they went inactive, infighting for leadership and doxxing. After which Jan would Become the next emperor, using an agreed upon "emperor elections" that were held once every year on 9th September to honor DavidPrydain being unfairly treated.

On the 23rd of March, 2023, Drama over the promotion of Avoxy to Legate would lead to Outlast splitting from Imperials, leaving the branch in a dire state. NigerianPrince would continue leading the branch, until being replaced by Avoxy. The Imperials would be considered dead on 2b2t for the better part of 2023, compelling the current Emperor at the time, RECLAMATIONEM, to take on the task of reviving the 2b2t branch. Following the promotion of Borrelli to Centurion, Imperials are considered revived since the 21st of May, 2024.

The Imperials operate a wiki that catalogues their history along with claims of activity dating back to 2014.



Proposals in the Imperial Senate are relatively simple:

1. Someone makes a Proposal in #proposals (a channel in the group's Discord server), giving clear information on the aim of the proposal and its advantages.

2. The proposal is discussed within the senate chat, with senate members giving their opinion on the proposal and weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

3. Senators can vote by reacting to the question with an Up or Down emoji. This lasts a certain amount of time, the time is not usually consistent and voting tends to end when there is a consensus on the proposal. If there isn't a consensus the emperor will make the final decision.

4. If the proposal is passed it will be acted upon by high ranks who have the power to do so.


Only the emperor can veto proposals. Once a proposal is vetoed it's no longer discussed and can't be suggested again unless allowed by the emperor.

Centurion History

Centurions are leaders of the 2b2t branch of Imperials, here is a history of them:

Date Centurion of the Branch
6th September 2019 - 15th September 2019 DavidPrydain
10th October 2019 - 24th February 2020 Brickzebra
11 March 2020 - 26th April 2020 Mage (Insider)
27th April 2020 - 6th August 2020 Jalapeno690
16th February 2021 - 20th June 2021 Jesse
13th September 2021 - 30th November 2021 Super
30th November 2021 - 20th January 2022 Toska and Acab
20th January 2022 - 18th February 2022 Toska
18th February 2022 - 5th June 2022 Xavier aka Xav
5th June 2022 - 16th October 2022 Nigerianprince
16th October 2022 - 29th November 2022 Sleepyfemboy
29th November 2022 - 15th April 2023 Absent (Nigerianprince acted as


15th April 2023 - 21st May 2023 Avoxy
21st May 2023 - 12th August Absent (Zd0lf acted as centurion)
12th August 2023 - 21th May 2024 Zd0lf
21th May 2024 - Present Borrelli


High Ranks

High ranks describe ranks that manage the group as a whole rather than individual branches. This is primarily done through the senate.

  • Emperor: The emperor manages the branches and the group across the board. Usually the decision of the emperor is final, however other high ranks within branches can discuss an issue with the emperor and raise concerns. The emperor also ensures that internal conflicts don't develop between high ranked members and even branches.
  • Elder Council: Elder Councils have access to all leadership chats across branches, they help across a number of branches and are usually trusted with admin across different branches. Their role also acts as counterbalance to the emperor ensuring that the emperor ultimately docent have free rein across the group.
  • Praetor: Praetors can advise and oversee their individual branch, praetors act to ensure that the centurion that precedes them is capable of running the branch. Usually by advising the centurion and helping organise bases and events.
  • Advisor: Advises the emperor and leadership on decisions, doesn't necessarily play the server but has shown experience in branch management usually from different branches.

Server Ranks

Server ranks describe ranks within a specific branch and relate to management of that branch only. The ranks have sub-divisions within them. Centurion - Tribune is considered leadership. Preafect and Quaestor are considered Mid-ranks. Auxiliary and Recruit are considered Low ranks.

  • Centurion: The governor of the server, all bases, and affairs on the server are managed by him. New centurions are typically overlooked by a preator.
  • Optio: Optio is a distinguished legate, showing exceptional dedication to the group, this rank is usually given as a designation of the next centurion. With most Optios becoming centurion after a centurion retires or get promoted. For this reason there is only one Optio.
  • Legate: Legates are leaders within the group, they have a say on decisions and the direction the group takes. Legates also manage bases and orginise events for the group.
  • Tribune: Tribune acts as a trial rank of leadership, ussally tribune is given to active members of the group who aspire to lead it. As such tribunes are expected to help out in events and bases. Sometimes even organising their own ones.
  • Prefect : Prefect primarily act as base managers, their role is to set up new recruit bases and oversee them. They also sometimes managed Mid-rank bases
  • Quaestor: Quaestors are members who have shown above average activity within the group
  • Auxiliary: Auxiliaries are members which have shown some activity at recruit bases.
  • Recruit: Members which have passed the application process.


Imperial Sky

Originally suggested by the player penisballs22, the project was composed of just over 1 million obsidian and was built in the North West quadrant to the left of the tip of the Spawn Mason logo. A discord server was made on the 16th October 2021 and PIS V1 was planned and constructed over the months of October and November 2021.

The project took just over a month to build and the top builders were Toska at 310,000 blocks placed and Ryguy at 140,000 blocks placed. The top ender chest miners were Super and Toska who mined the vast majority of the ender chests.

Crisis of December 2021

In December 2021, significant upheavals befell the Imperials. A contentious figure, National Socialist Super (MaxRockatasky), was ousted from 2B Centurian following a series of security breaches attributed to his missteps. Super's association with mrck10, a controversial figure both within the Imperials and on 2b2t, had already cast a shadow of suspicion over him among many Imperial members. This relationship further strained his position within the group. Although Super was initially designated Praetor and meant to serve in an advisory role, his evident thirst for power coupled with continuous errors led to the stripping of his Discord permissions. In a heightened state of frustration, he confronted Tanzinator, a respected figure within the Imperials, demanding elevated access rights. Tanzinator, however, stood his ground, urging Super to work to regain trust. The tensions escalated when Super threatened to divulge the coordinates of key Imperial assets. Though his threats resulted in only limited damages, they were revealing of his intentions.

The infiltration of Aqueous 2 by Orsond, who tried to pin blame using deceptive evidence, became another point of concern. Additionally, Super's attempt to sabotage the Imperial Discord server was fortunately thwarted by the timely intervention of Jesse. In the aftermath of this tumult, the Imperials consolidated their ranks, rallying under the leadership of Toska and ACAB Michael. Both, having previously served as Optios, now assume the roles of Centurions. Optimistic about a prosperous and unified future, the Imperials of 2b recognized the need to distance themselves from divisive figures like Super, especially given his affiliations with the likes of mrck10. This chapter serves as a reminder that to build a brighter future, one sometimes must navigate through tumultuous times.


Imperatoria 23 Render by Toska

Imperatoria 23

Imperatoria 23 was founded on the 20th of January 2022. It acted as a high rank base throughout its short lifespan and was home to a number of members, namely: Toska, HenkieMC, Bematt, Durkaa, MrIcantSleep, lukent, Jesse, AiwaSound and hwe.

The base also saw extensive use of BIKMUNNI's Armour stand and dispenser dupe. Eventually the base had grown a sizable stash of duped armour, which was then decided to be moved to a more secure location. However, the base would end up getting griefed by hwe due to a drama surrounding him supposedly blackmailing a minor for explicit images, and him potentially being kicked. Hwe would grief the base during mid-February 2022.

Peranth Render by Nigerianprince


Peranth was founded approximately around February 2022, the base originally was a Kingdom of Terrasen base, however due to very close cooperation between the two groups and complete overlap in members it would act as the Imperial high rank base in mid 2022. The base was founded by Amiaoghg and LeRoyGaston, however the base was primarily built by Imperial high ranks, namely Nigerianprince, TxsizeCreations and Choza_Akamichi. The base had a number of builds, Nigerians sword, Nigerians church, Amias square and a number of houses which were built by Amia, Nigerian and Choza. The base was last worked on in late August this is due to an insiding drama which surrounded Imps during mid to late 2022.

A number of Imp bases were being leaked on the 2b2t reddit by one account. Some posts' titles implied the insider was a higher ranked member, as they commented on Sleepyfemboy's promotion to Optio, along with the large number of bases that were being leaked. After Redfort was leaked, an internal investigation occurred within the group. Eventually MaxRockatasky had presented solid evidence exposing the owner of the reddit account to be Amiaoghg. After finding out about this, Nigerianprince and Killaqueen would proceed to steal the stash at the base and then grief it around September 28th 2022 along with nuking the Terrasen discord.[1]


Freedom render by Nigerianprince

Freedom was started on the 3rd of September 2022 by BGA as a recruit base, with the theme being a mediaeval base. BGA set out clear rules about the functioning of this base, urging members not to use schematics and dictating what and where members can and can't build. This was rather unpopular with recruits which were added to the base, which ultimately led to a number of minor disputes. Despite this the base continued to grow with some day to day activity. Eventually the base would ultimately slow down due to a number of Midranks being moved to Redfort, leaving inactive recruits to build at the base. After the grief of Redfort the Mid-Ranks would return to Freedom, the base would be revived with BGA getting replaced by KommunistKuba as the base manager. However, a day later Nigerian had found out that the base was compromised, so he proceeded to self greif it on the 11th of October 2022.


Spawnfort render by Nigerianprince

Redfort was founded by TXsizeCreations on the 12th of September 2022, the aim of the base was to get all the good, trusted and active members of the Imperials to focus on one base for a month. The base would then be uploaded to the archive and advertised in order to attract builders over to the group. Initially the idea worked, with substantial activity at the base however on the third day of the bases founding it was leaked on reddit. The post was then deleted an hour later. This caused a stir within the group with concerns about insiding and also concerns about the future of the base. Nigerian proposed continuing the base, arguing that no one saw the reddit post and that the base could still be completed. Whilst Tx aruged that the base was entirely compromised. TX would announce his intention to grief the base to KommunistKuba who has actively built at the base since its founding. KommunistKuba would advise TX to message Choza_Akamichi (another active builder at the base) and get his consent for the grief. This was never done. Nigerian upon hearing of TXs intention to grief the base would advise Tx against it, however Tx stated that he would ignore Nigerian. As such Nigerian went and griefed the base himself on the 17th of September 2022 before Tx could. This ultimately led to TX leaving the Imperials. Along with many Midranks turning inactive over the next few days. Tx then made a reddit post showing the base.


Tyranny was founded by HenkieMC after a drama regarding KommunistKuba's involvement at a base by MaxRockatasky around late October 2022.

The base early on in its lifespan was largely dead. Eventually being worked on by ScuffedMC during November 2022, Scuffed would build most of the core base. Then after resolving the drama surrounding KommunistKuba, Kuba was reinvited to Imps quickly being given access to the base. Kuba would attempt to revive the base, taking over leadership from Henkie. He would build new areas of the base along with Nigerianprince and NamoVFX This was ultimately unsuccessful, as the distance of the base along with general inactivity of recruits would make it impossible to revive. The base was abandoned and eventually self griefed by Headpop around December 10th 2022.


Spawnfort was a recruit base founded on the 31st of October 2022, it acted as a means of testing a system whereby all members have access to a base. Naturally this base didn't last long however it was a rather successful base considering its lifespan and next to no barriers to entry. The base was leaked on the 12th of November 2022 and was then greifed by Unblockedbot on the same day.



Ex-animo was founded by Brickzebra on the 18th of December 2022 as a successive base to Bricktown, being founded a few thousand blocks away from the original location. The base was very active with a number of builds including Bricks houses, Warske's tower, Owls castle and Avoxy's church.

However, the base was leaked by Slaughter Duck, a BSB insider, to BSB on the 28th of December 2022 and proceeded to be greifed on stream by Digandbuilder, Walts and DokiMin.[2][3]

Imperial Holiday Base:

Following the multiple dramas and griefs surrounding Christmas bases hosted by the Spectrum Builders, The Imperials decided to build their own Christmas base. The base was founded on December 10th 2022 and is mostly composed of houses with candy canes around them. It was primarily built by Nigerianprince. The base was ultimately greifed on the 17th of December 2022.

The Capital

Capital Render by Nigerianprince

The Capital was originally founded as a solo spawn base by Nigerianprince in early October 2022. It then proceeded to become the main Imperial base, the reason for this is due to leadership hyping up an Imperial main base that didn't exist. As such, Nigerian decided to make his spawnbase the main base for Imps on the 9th of October 2022. The base initially comprised only Imperial high ranks, namely Brickzebra, Nigerian and Sleepyfemboy. With Nigerian doing the vast majority of building at the time, building a castle, roads and a town area. KILLAQUEEN123 was invited to the base on the 16th of October following his promotion to advisor, he built a tower at the base. Nigerian would then eventually add KommunistKuba to the base on the 20th of November 2022. Kuba would build the docks and small towers around them along with interiors for Nigerians houses. Around this time Brick would build a large stone temple in the style of the AMC Imperial main base. Foshyy a trusted member of the 0b Imperial branch, would be invited to the base the 26th of November 2022. Brick would further expand the base building a bridge and an additional temple. Throughout November-December the base was rather inactive with Nigerian building there from time to time, this is because all the other members were active at other Imp bases. In January Nigerian would add Nasder to the base, this was the first time a non-high rank was added and would set a precedent of midranks being added. Nigerian would then add a number of Imperial Midranks to the base namely:Owls, Xlvz, Saturn and Avoxy. This led to a revival of the base, with other districts being added. Later on NamoVFX was added on the 5th of March, who completed an entire area right after being added. Unfortunately on that day the base was found by Pbg4444 who was base hunting around spawn, he instantly leaked the base to BGP who then would publicize the coords in announcements. Avoxy would then PVP Pbg4444 whilst KommunistKuba and Nigerianprince would move the stash, download the base and self greif it.

Crusaders Crack

Crusaders Crack

Crusaders Crash was founded by Avoxy on 6th of December 2022 but was largely neglected, this was because the majority of the members had built at Bricktown and Ex-animo. Eventually after the grief of Ex-animo the active members were then invited to Crusaders, however the newly arrived members were unable to find the original location of the base. Leading them to find a new spot on the 29th of December 2022. Brickzebra would then invite KommunistKuba to the base on the 6th of January 2023, however Brick had incorrectly called the base Crusaders Crack when inviting Kuba to it, as such when Kuba set up the signboard the base was called Crusaders Crack, eventually the new name would stick and the old name was discarded. KommunistKuba would then take over as base manager from Avoxy, he began working on creating a platform on which the base would stand along with a road system up the mountain. Whilst Kuba was working on that, Owls and Xlvz would build a castle on the hill. Kuba would continue building more and more houses. Then Brick would come along and build a number of builds including a church, and some small houses, later on working on a large temple. Then Kuba had the idea of building a redesign of MaxRockatasky's cathedral at the base. However this was ultimately unsuccessful due to him being semi active on the project and Nigerian moving most of the active builders in the group to The Capital. As such the base would go inactive in late February 2023 to Late March 2023. Then on the 22nd of March 2023 the base was greifed by Amiaoghg.[4]



Varenum was a recruit base within the 2b2t branch of The Imperials. It was established on February 3, 2024, by Reclamationem. Unlike some other bases, Varenum did not adhere to a specific theme, allowing for a diverse array of constructions and contributions from its members. Unfortunately, the base met its demise on March 31, 2024, when it was griefed by GoogleComStuff. Prior to Varenum, the notable recruit bases included Edgeville, Belisaria, and Imperial Citadel. In the aftermath of the griefing of Eboracum, Varenum was designated as the new recruit base and subsequently experienced significant growth. Under the leadership of Reclamationem, Varenum expanded to become one of the largest recruit bases during the Imperials 2024 Revival.



Caledonia had a modest beginning, following the griefing of Ariminium and Ullr. Its development started on the 20th of November, 2023, with the construction of two notable statues, The Giant Imperial and the Horse Statue, both designed by Centauri. LordLao soon joined and began working on the basilica, taking over as base manager when Centauri's motivation waned. During this period, NateOrion started his work on the "Jewish Tunnels". The base's activity surged after the construction of the Art Museum, with Centauri returning to the role of base manager. Under his management, Caledonia flourished, eventually becoming the Main Base of the Imperials. Centauri's extensive building efforts continued until he experienced burnout due to the restrictive theme and palette. Following a period of inactivity and the griefing of Varenum, Railroad_Bill was invited to Caledonia and contributed significantly until the base was griefed a week later. Caledonia was ultimately griefed by Centauri, who invited Joey_Coconut to assist in the destruction. Centauri cited the drama surrounding NateOrion as the reason for his change in loyalties, deciding to bomb Caledonia to protect his reputation. The base had its official end on the 14th of April, 2024.

Member Counts

Date Membership of Branch Centurion
6th September 2019 100 DavidPrydain
15th September 2019 100 DavidPrydain
10th October 2019 100 brickzebra
24th November 2019 151 brickzebra
5th December 2019 151 brickzebra
22 December 2019 151 brickzebra
5th January 2020 151 brickzebra
17th January 2020 151 brickzebra
25th January 2020 203 brickzebra
14th February 2020 215 brickzebra
24th February 2020 200 brickzebra
11 March 2020 20 Mage (Insider)
20 March 2020 50 Mage (Insider)
27th March 2020 65 Mage (Insider)
6th April 2020 63 Mage (Insider)
26th April 2020 50 Mage (Insider)
21st June 2020 58 Jalepeno690
14th July 2020 32 Jalepeno690
6th August 2020 41 Jalepeno690
16th February 2021 19 Jesse
8th March 2021 15 Jesse
25th April 2021 11 Jesse
14th May 2021 14 Jesse
20th June 2021 33 Jesse
13th September 2021 34 Super
8th October 2021 105 Super
22th December 2021 83 Toska/ACABMichael
20th January 2022 93 Toska/ACABMichael
18th February 2022 111 Toska/ACABMichael
16th March 2022 98 Brickzebra
17th April 2022 44 Xav
16th May 2022 44 Xav
7th September 2022 150 Nigerianprince
11th October 2022 171 Nigerianprince
17th June 2024 45 Borrellii