The Gulag

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The Gulag
“Everyone tried to stop us, but no one succeeded” - c0mmie_
The Gulag Banner
StatusDisbanded (2018-2021)
FoundedLate 2018

The Gulag is a group founded by c0mmie_ in late 2018. The group has no set goals aside from having fun.


Early History

In late 2018, c0mmie_ and a few other players went out to create a few bases, starting what would become the Gulag.

Gulag-Confederacy War

In the early days of the Gulag, one of their first bases, The Wither Skull Road, was griefed by a group known as The Confederacy. After MinorityCatcher was accepted into the Gulag, he leaked the base's coordinates to Freedom2b2t and The Confederacy, and they would grief the base. Following this, the Gulag was able to get Finn_Fry to inside the Confederacy and leak many of their bases to the Gulag. The war would eventually cool down, as a few months later, when Conquest griefed The Confederacy's main dupe stash. After this Finn_Fry would betray the gulag and many other groups doing only minor damage to the group.

Interwar Period

During The Interwar Period, the Gulag had very few enemies, and the enemies they did have were relatively unnotable. In this period, The Gulag became allies with groups such as Conquest, The Teutonic Order, and The Infinity Incursion, among others.

A player named TheDarkOne_2 nuked the original Gulag Discord server, which had around 300 members. The Gulag quickly recovered from this event. 3 other Gulag Discord servers would be nuked, but, The Gulag prospered and made new ones.

The Gulag leaving its mark at 0 0. May 2020

The Gulag eventually had a falling out with the Infinity Incursion near the end of the fall 2020 Water Cube Project the Infinity Incursion had worked on. This was due to the Infinity Incursion's leader BachiBachBach kicking the Gulag's leader, c0mmie_, out of the Infinity Incursion's Discord server. This resulted in the termination of the alliance between the two groups.

Watchmen Conflicts

Conflicts with Watchmen began in February when c0mmie_ was told coords to an II event. In reality, this was a watchmen event and after a 20-minute fight, ended in c0mmie's loss. After accepting the loss and moved on however, the Watchmen began to gloat about it which was annoying, so c0mmie waited for his revenge.

In late April c0mmie_ was invited to a GC that would later become the Anti-Watchmen, it turns out the Watchmen was planning to build another sky render, but this time as a Rickroll. A few hours after the anti-watchmen got coordinates to watchmen outpost, c0mmie_ began the assault killing over 12 Watchmen and destroying around 40k obsidian because of these attacks and many others, Beast_Machine would quit 2b2t and the Watchmen would disband leading to the end of this conflict.

The Team Rocket Nuke

After being allies for well over a year, Gulag members c0mmie_ and Frosty003 decided to nuke Team Rocket. They claim that gryxz had become increasingly self-destructive and egotistical leading up to the events, with it being climaxed when iiGryxz leaked Frosty's plans to backdoor a hacked client. A few hours later c0mmie_ used his kick perms that he had to kick everyone in the discord as well as leak all chatlogs.

Mew Revolution Conflicts

In 2021, The Gulag would go to war with the small group Mew Revolution. The war started with the Mew Revolution and Obscension fight-club event, now known as Pit Fight. The Gulag would go to every event and kill nearly everyone at the event and then griefing the arena. The war would officially come to an end when Gulag member, Frosty003, sent MrAllNet a file called Etikahack. The file would contain a token logger which would steal the users token allowing them to log in to your account without needed a password and bypassing 2fa. Following this Frosty would nuke the Mew Revolution discord server as well as leak private dms, which would lead to MrAllNet being doxxed.

The One-year war with the Infinity Incursion (Infinilag war)

The war between the Infinity Incursion and Gulag war, now known as the Infinilag war, lasting from August 2020 to August 2021 was a major conflict on 2b2t involving nearly every active group at the time. The war is highly controversial due to the infamy surrounding the two groups, the war was mainly between The Gulag and The Infinity Incursion, however many other groups participated in the war. The war ultimately ended with the Infinity Incursion disbanding.

Beginning of the war

In August 2020, c0mmie_ was talking about ways to get rid of YouTubers and removing FitMC from the Infinity Incursion with c0mmie_ being shortly kicked from the group. It is not confirmed but theorized by some that he was kicked for not liking FitMC and calling out the group leader. Commie and many other members of The Gulag, as well as their allies, felt betrayed and felt that the Infinity Incursion sold out, this started the Infinilag War.

Anti Watercube Coalition

The Anti Watercube Coalition, was formed to combat the Infinity Incursion. The Anti-Incursion was founded by c0mmie, gh_joey, 8nothing, and maksitaxi, who over the past year had become enemies with the Infinity Incursion due to various drama that had taken place. The group utilized large obsidian clogs in the watercubes path to prevent creation of watersources, the most effective being Obby Casts - large lava casts that were covered in obsidian. Gh_joey also invented a design for a flying machine that would delete water source blocks as it moved, the design was slow but only to prevent 2b2t plugins from destroying it, because of this it would be used sparingly and only small portions of the water cube would be destroyed this way.

The group would tell its PvP'ers to prioritize people building the project rather than the pvper guards, using "wasp" tactics to avoid the actual pvpers while killing the usually, lightly-geared builders. Eventually after approximately 2 months of fighting the Infinity Incursion broke as the groups main stash was blown up, that combined with NoCom being leaked and both sides being burnt out lead to the end of the project and both the disbandment of the Infinity Incursion and The Gulag, ending this war in a decisive Gulag victory.

Events Leading to its Creation

  • c0mmie_ is kicked out of the Infinity Incursion (August 2020)
  • Plans for a new II project are leaked (June 2021)
  • The Gulag begins to pvp the people working on the watercube at spawn (June 2021)
  • joey, c0mmie and 8nothing form the Anti-Watercube Coalition


  • 8nothing (Leader of Obby Casting operations)
  • Replik (Co-Leader of PvP divison)
  • Several others

Major battles and events

  • The Infinilag War - c0mmie_ is kicked from the Infinity Incursion beginning the year-long conflict.
  • Declaration of War - The Gulag members, feeling betrayed declares war on the Infinity Incursion
  • Spook Base 5 Grief - Frosty003 leaks Spook Base 5 to c0mmie_ causing the base to get griefed
  • Pedophile Drama - Gulag member Manaball123 and others manage to social engineer Mozart_98k into installing a virus that sends them their discord token, allowing them to login to mozart’s discord without needing a password and bypassing 2fa. When investigating the chatlogs they found a server filled with images of Child Pornography. Bachi defended this for a bit until realizing his mistake where mozart was banned and has now quit 2b2t
  • Expansion of Water Cube - BachiBachBach announcing the expanding of the watercube by a thousand blocks.
  • Anti Water Cube Coalition - The Anti-Watercube Coalition is founded by 8nothing, joey_, and c0mmie_ to combat the efforts of the watercube
  • ~10 v ~35 - A 10 v 20 between the two forces meet and despite being outnumbered the Anti Watercube Coalition prevailed and won killing many members and notably Redstoner
  • Obby Casting - Obby casts are used to slow down progress on the water cube with varying results
  • Beginning of the end - Several Brownmen and Infinity Incursion stashes used to supply the project are griefed due to insiders and Nocom being leaked would result in individual player stashes being griefed on both sides.
  • Project paused - The project is paused by Bachi, the pvp and building divisions of II are disbanded
  • End of the war - The war ended when the Infinity Incursion disbanded, bringing an end to the conflict.

Disbandment and post-disbandment

On September 16th 2021, c0mmie_ would announce his departure from the 2b2t Community after playing for nearly 5 years as well as the disbandment of the Gulag.


The Gulag has a YouTube Channelwhere the group's content is posted. This includes The Gulag Report and The Gucast.

The Gulag Report

The Gulag Report was created by covfefe2020, as a satirical news source.

The Gucast

The Gucast was created by Frosty003 as a result of The Anarchy Podcast, a YouTube Podcast hosted by Fastvincent1, going inactive. the player decided to create The Gucast, which, like its predecessor, has the goal of interviewing anyone possible and learning about their experience on 2b2t. The Gucast would interview players OMEGA, SoiledCold, SilverEyes and Pixelati0n

A very artistic sketch depicting what c0mmie_ remembers of China



Coordinates: Unknown

China was the first base the Gulag would ever make, located roughly 100k out. However, while the base was under construction, a player by the name of SadieLee found it and started griefing. The Gulag would then fight SadieLee, making him log multiple times until a screenshot of the base was put on r/2b2t. The coordinates are sadly lost to time.

According to c0mmie_, the base had an unfinished underground section that was meant to become mined out and turned into the main area, similar to the Boedecken. He also claims that most dirt was replaced with Birch wood and had an upside down pyramid.

One of the few remaining screenshots of the grief on Wither Skull Road

Wither Skull Road

Coordinates: -240511 -112150

The Wither Skull Road was the Gulags' second base. It was given its name after c0mmie_ tried to make a wither cage but failed. The base was one of the largest bases the Gulag ever made. It was griefed by the Confederacy, leading to the Gulag-Confederacy war.

Valley of Ender Chests

Coordinates: 10k -10k

The Valley of Ender Chests

In 2019, Gulag members c0mmie_, theboss24611 and jnyhh built the Valley of Ender Chests. The base was a “copy” of the recently made Valley of Crafting Tables and Valley of Glowstone. The base was visited by digmc in 2020 and is known for the immense fps lag that is generated when you go there.


Coordinates: 2437 -121

c0mmiegrad is a large obsidian dome with a pyramid in the center. The base was first designed on a private server hosted by and was then built on 2b2t. The base took around 1 hour to create, while the watercube took around 12 hours to make as the Gulag had to manually mine all the ice they would need. The base still stands today with some minor griefing being done to the structure

c0mmiegrad post watercube


Brownmen - War resulted after drama between c0mmie_ and Redstoner

SGA - Close alliance, with the Gulag being one of the oldest groups in the alliance.

Teutonic Order - Inactive alliance as the groups don’t support each other as much as they used to.

The Jew Masons - Inactive alliance; group died

TeamNoTrees - Close alliance as the Gulag sends supplies and people over.

Infinity Incursion - Formerly war, group disbanded

Highway Workers Union - War

The Republic - Former allies, then war over drama and then allies again

Watchmen - Formerly war, group disbanded

The Moomoo Republic - Allies; both maintained the spawn bases McDonalds and c0mmiegrad.


  • The Gulag was featured in BobbyBoJanglles' video on 2b2t.
  • Unlike other groups, The Gulag has no hierarchy. This is to prevent group inactivity and corruption in the group.
  • It took over 2 shulkers of ender chests to build c0mmiegrad.
  • The Gulag outlived nearly every other major group made in its era