The Gulag

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Existed - November 2018 - Present

Status - Active

Official Gulag Banner

Members: Around ~20 (Due to discord deletion, a lot of the member have gotten disorganized and need to get back in the discord)

Bases - 5~10

The Gulag is a "Communist" group founded by zacharys_yt mixed goals involving killing newfags, spawn build projects, etc. As most groups are on 2b2t, it relies on a discord server for members to communicate. The official gulag discord. (the plug doe)

Foreign Relations



The Vortex Coalition

The Emperium

The Backstreet Boys

Conquest (Whether they are enemies or neutral is disputed)

Every other group not listed in allies or enemies.


Kill on sight list:

TheDarkOne - Insiding

TheWhiteWolf - Failed misreably at insiding

Goujon - Being annoying

All members associated with enemy groups

Finn_Fry - I don't have to explain why

CrawketBot/CrawketAlt - Insiding a gulag associated group


Don't really have to explain what this section is (The list is from top to bottom)

  • Emperor
  • The Pope
  • Inner Council
  • Head of Public Affairs
  • Centurion
  • Recruitment Managers
  • Member
  • Initate

Notable Members