The Gulag

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Existed - November 2018 - Present

Status - Active

Official Gulag Banner

Members: Roughly 15

Bases - 12

The Gulag is a "Communist" group founded by zacharys_yt with mixed goals involving killing newfags, spawn build projects, etc. As most groups are on 2b2t, it relies on a discord server for members to communicate. The official gulag discord.

Foreign Relations

  • The Teutonic Order (Allied)
  • The Confederacy (Hostile)
  • The 2b2t Union (Hostile)
  • Jared2013's 8th Incursion (Allied)
  • Bad Guy Clan (Allied)
  • Conquest (Allied)

Notable Members

  • Z3DD546 (Elite Member)
  • TheDarkOne_2 (Elite Member)
  • Eat_Lot_O_Food (Elite Member)
  • Alexander1257 (Member)
  • ZaneFavori (Honorable Member)