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The Guild
Eye of Proxima, Logo of The Guild
FoundedAugust 2017
DisbandmentNovember 2017
LeaderSmackAttack86, OldFreeWilly

The Guild was a group created by SmackAttack86 and OldFreeWilly. The purpose of The Guild was to build a new spawn base every day and to have fun.


Originally, The Guild was a group which very few players knew of. After certain plans within the group fell through, SmackAttack86 (one of the more disliked members of the group) quit and sent rather threatening messages to many of the remaining members. SmackAttack86 ended up rejoining the original Guild later so he could continue to benefit from classified information.

Believing that the original group had been disbanded, SmackAttack86 set up his own version of The Guild, using the same name in an attempt to draw relevancy to himself. This reincarnation of The Guild was led by OldFreeWilly, who worked closely with SmackAttack86. Supposedly, this clone group had been around a few months before it was made public, though evidence shows that this span of time was only 10 days. During this time it housed only a few members and no bases. Almost as soon as SmackAttack86's Guild came to light on October 1st, about 20 players tried to join it, although most of them were trolls and insiders. SmackAttack86 and OldFreeWilly thought up a plan to keep insiders in The Guild, but in a position where they could not do damage. They realized that if they flagged players who seemed suspicious and only sent them on petty tasks to retrieve items and deliver them to random coordinates and never promoted them, then they could waste the time of insiders, while giving them a false sense of belief that their attempt would be successful. Later though, Smack realized that this plan let in to many insiders and not enough loyal members so he scrapped the insider policy.

The Guild were hated by many players and groups on 2b2t at the time, Smackattack86 would constantly start trouble with players from other groups which resulted on him getting tricked and bedtrapped by The Asylum and the Emperium. Oldfreewilly AKA mremobunnys base would also be destroyed by the Asylum due to making enemies with them, leading to both OldFreeWilly and Smackattack86 to give up and disband The Guild.

Sauce to Smackattack getting bedtrapped by Emperium and Asylum:

Sause to OldFreeWillys base getting destroyed by the Asylum:

Rank System

The default rank in The Guild's discord was Void. Void doesn't represent The Guild in any way and you only have access to #the-void which is just a general chat. People were initiated into The Guild via an interview with any Grandmaster ranked member.

  • Guilder
  • Elite
  • Knight
  • Dragoon
  • Grandmaster
  • Celestial Dragon

Notable Members