The Fursecutioners

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The Fursecutioners

The Fursecutioners
FoundedMay 2015
Bases~5+ (Zootopia, Fürerville, Yiffington, The Land of Wolves)

The Fursecutioners are an amorphous group created in the wake of the Third Incursion by DemonElite119. It is not a group in the sense of having a set goal or purposes, only that they are a group of people who enjoy basing together or engaging in bamboozles. The vast majority of its members are oldfags and midfags, such as Drewbookman , _Henry_ , Sun_Wukon , SnackyNorph , Rickenman , IamTUNA , AwesomeGuyMonkey , and others.


As the group is amorphous by nature, its member count is frequently in flux, based on activities individual members are undertaking at the time, or server events such as incursions of which its members have played significant roles in. It adapts based on any given situation, with only a few individuals known to be core members of the group.

Much like its independence-oriented players, the group as a whole is independent and maintains no actual relations with faction groups. Every member maintains and exercises their own agendas as long as it does not adversely interfere with another's. The only time its members come out in force as a unified front outside their individual or group bases is during spawn incursions.

Notable Members