The Freelancers

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The Freelancers Photo.jpg
FoundedSep 2, 2016
Bases(15+ Outposts, 1 Official Base ~ (Freelancer HQ)

The Freelancers banner

The Freelancers are a building group on 2b2t that was founded in late 2016.

Brief History

The Freelancers were founded in late Summer of 2016 by Jin_Masamune, Tullnation, and OhThatYes, who met while walking to Valley of Wheat. Later on, a player by the name of BigMacJack joined. Their group name and activity remained secret until October of 2017 when they became allied with Emperium. The Freelancers' activities consist of; exploring spawn and the 2b2t world map, looting and protecting coords of 2b2t Monuments, building structures, and increasing friendly relationships between other groups

The Freelancers was the first group to start digging the -Z Highway in the Nether back in 2016 and made several 1 million milestones builds along the way. However, many of these builds have now been griefed.

Jin_Masamune also known by his alt-account 6below is the founder of the group as well as the oldest player of the group having joined the server in mid-2013 during the 2nd Incursion. The Freelancers are more passive than most groups on 2b2t and don't indulge in much PVP, warfare, or griefing.

Fall of Freelancer HQ

On June 20th, 2018. The Freelancer's main base known as "HQ" was discovered and later destroyed by Retronaunt and his Infrared minions. Because of this, The Freelancers officially declared war and marked Infrared as their first real enemy.