The Four Corners Pilgrimage

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The Four Corners Pilgrimage

The Four Corners Pilgrimage is the 2b2t term for the trip to each of the four Overworld corners.

Making the trip in the End has been done before many times, even by Youtubers like Barrendome, however this is only because of Elytra hacking and is generally not counted as important. The pilgrimage is seen as the older brother of the World Border Trip as it is roughly 9 times as far and much more difficult.

Although there is no specific order, many people begin at the North East corner and travel clockwise.If one only counts the distance from the NE corner and moves along the very edge of the border at all times, the distance to travel will be 240,000,000 blocks. If the player uses autowalk and does not come across any obstacles, it would take them over 15,442 hours. However most players will probably elytra hack their way, bringing journey times to over 53 hours (assuming elyta speed is a constant 125 blocks/second).

The first player who is believed to have made this journey is iTristan who teleported via exploits, which doesn't really count. The same goes for the next person to do this journey, pyrobyte who also cheated. However about twenty players excluding those two have made the journey legitimately, left signs and indestructible obsidian marking their achievement at the corners.