The Dark Mirror was a build project by DonFuer built in Kallie's Gape, the giant world edited hole created by ITristan, near Imp's Base 2. This was the only place on the server that could house a build going from Y-level 1 to Y-level 256.

The Dark Mirror
InhabitantsDarkomier, D_loaded, Lukent, N8TT, Toska, Peter_rod, joetheblue, jesusonmars
LocationX 3230139 Z -1779983
GriefedJuly 25, 2023
GriefersTeutonic Order
World download
LinkNot Available


As far back as 2021, D loaded had been considering the idea of building something "upside down". The inverted pyramid at DonFuer 20 was the first example of something along these lines. In March of 2023, DonFuer needed a new big project to raise the spirits of the group; the time had come to return to this concept. D_loaded designed a massive schematic in single player which featured multiple large, inverted domes. However, it was so large it would require a location which had been mined down to bedrock in order for the build to fit.

The group spent several days searching for a solution before settling on Kallie's Gape, a giant gape which had been world edited in by ITristan in 2015 but had sat empty since its creation.


Due to the sensitive location, construction needed to be fast. Lukent and N8TT began transporting the necessary build materials a few days prior to the project's announcement. A handful of DonFuer's most trusted members were invited on the 27th of March, 2023. Darkomier contributed the majority of the building, although many other DonFuer members visited and assisted in the construction. The project was finished a month ahead of schedule with no unexpected visitors.

Aftermath & Destruction

Prior to the project's completion, a name actually had not been fully agreed on and "Project Mirror" was considered just a temporary name. After Darkomier's incredible contribution, the group decided to call the build "The Dark-Mirror" in honor of him.

Despite being released publicly in a reddit post and on Youtube, the build survived a remarkable 3 months without being destroyed. It was finally griefed on July 25th by Teutonic Order.


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