The Confederacy

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The Confederacy
FoundedMarch 3rd, 2019
DisbandmentMid-August 2019
LeaderFreedom2b2t, Captain, Hellman
Bases~5 (A few stashes, Richmond, and an outpost)

The Confederacy was a group created by Freedom2b2t with the goal of making the server friendlier to new people, help new people become integrated into this server, and destroy spawnfag groups.


The Confederacy was created on March 3rd of 2019, although its origins go back to December 2016 when the leader, Freedom2b2t, created the small group freedomfighters (which had 3 members in it). The Confederacy grew over time during those following months as it continued to help new players. All high command was saved from spawn, and it's how the Discord server got to 120 members.

At its peak the group had 20 members. This group saved over 300+ new people from spawn. It fought with the groups listed as enemies, losing many bases and items. The Confederacy was eventually disbanded in mid-August of 2019 due to the leader having too much stress in his life.


Notable Members
  • Freedom2b2t (Leader)
  • Captain (Co-leader) (First recruited)
  • Hellman (Co-leader)
  • Chardog_ (Admin)
  • Lonely (Admin)
  • Motion/adzfoofie (Admin)
  • Wofty (Admin)
  • that_tree_dude (Member)
  • SeXy Dolph (Member)
  • DidAnOopsie (Member)
  • DavidPrydain (Member)