Church of Eden

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Church of Eden
The Church of Eden banner
FoundedN/A (sometime in 2018) (disbanded Dec. 19, 2018)


Three groups - Eden’s Disciples, Ardent Shield, and Knights of Spawn would merge together to become The Church of Eden , led by PopeViper. The group hierarchy consisted of  the Pope, Patriarchs, Cardinals, Bishop,Priest, and Deacon.

At its start it would rapidly recruit nearly 30 members over night However tensions among the group began to arise after PopeViper would try to absorb Frostgard, led by Vanex. Tensions would grow more after a breakdown in the alliance with Inferno due to personal conflict between Retronaut and Rustbound. Rustbound, being an ex of Retronaut would briefly join the Church but leave in order to go back to Retronaut and try to get Church bases destroyed in the process.

PopeViper would leave the group for several weeks while the concept of a new group would arise due to the aforementioned incidents. jay_monroe would use this unrest as a catalyst to bring himself to power with LordGalvatronMC as his main backer. On the day of PopeViper’s return from his hiatus, Everyone would get into a voice call with PopeViper and slowly over time members would leave. Eventually only the Pope and Cardinals were left as jay_monroe gave an ending soliloquy which ended with the line "I am the senate" After this PopeViper would delete the discord in anger thus disbanding the Church of Eden. After this the Astral Order would be founded by the remaining members.


  • Tribunal Base: Base built by the predecessor groups and the founding site for The Church of Eden.
  • Constantinople:The Church's main base founded by several of the newer members. However the base would be found and griefed. (thanks in part by the bases relative closeness to the diagonal highway)
  • Eden: A base used as a recruiting ground for the recruits during the Church’s lifespan.
  • The 15k Outpost:  A base built after some nether travel by some of the members, and then griefed due to it’s coords somehow ending up in the Inferno discord. Later being destroyed by Emperium mistaking it for an Inferno base.
  • Malachor:  the last base started by the Church of Eden and would continue being built by the Astral Order.