The Cesspool

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The Cesspool was a medium-sized base created in late 2018.

The Cesspool
"I dunno, how about The Cesspool?" -Happysnackers, naming The Cesspool
InhabitantsHappysnackers, KissinHomiesGN, REDMONSTER_GAME, ProphetofJohn, Daemon__, KatPatch, PeeptheMeep, Reverend, AnimeThighs, 1nvasi0n, Fox3952, And Other Members Of "The Church Of John" And The The Excursion
StartedAugust 25th, 2018
GriefedJuly 27th, 2019
World download
LinkNot Available


Happysnackers started the cesspool on the 25th of August 2018. During the first month or so of the base's existence it was nothing more than a starter base, consisting of happy's tower and a some small farms which were later relocated.

Towards the beginning of October, Happy brought KissinHomiesGN, ProphetofJohn and REDMONSTER_GAME to the base and then the base really began to take shape. Walls were quickly constructed, farms were moved, expanded and improved, a storage room was built, everyone built their own houses, and an arena was constructed.

Sometime in between mid-October and the beginning of November, ProphetofJohn met a player by the name of KatPatch on the highway and recruited the player as a slave. That player would quickly advance past being a slave and became extremely respected within the base due to being very efficient at gathering materials as well as an amazing builder. Katpatch helped with just about everything around the base and built big parts of the base such as the slave district and the small valley of wheat.

Sometime in November the bookdupe went public and Happysnackers began duping items for the base. This was huge as many members of the base didn't have a huge amount of gear yet.

Midway through November another player would get recruited on the highway by Happysnackers. PeeptheMeep contributed to the base by being the driving force behind what was supposed to be a huge underground castle build. PeeptheMeep also duped a lot for the base using the book dupe as well.

In January a player by the name of TheReverend was recruited through Reddit by KissinHomiesGN. TheReverend came out to the base, looked around, considered griefing the place but ultimately decided to join the group instead, bringing with him some of the members of his group "The Excursion", Such As Daemon__.

Throughout all this REDMONSTER_GAME was working on the library, which was completed sometime in January, ProphetofJohn completed the town hall, and Reverenend also began a dome build which unfortunately never really got off the ground.


Happysnackers decided to log into his alt to see how the base is holding up in July, since it would have turned a year old at the end of the month. After waiting in queue from the early morning until the late afternoon, Happy was shocked to fall about 8 blocks upon logging into the server and discovered the base was now a smoking ruin.


yarnamite and Megyn discovered the Imgur album about The Cesspool while they were in the Followers of the Crafting Table in 2019. They decided it would be a funny meme to rebuild and larp about it, so they did, then The Emperium griefed it because of the drama between the two groups at the time. Following that they began to rebuild again, but it was griefed again by Goujon and 2b2k, then griefed a fourth time by househousehouse1. After that The Emperium allegedly built a chunk ban there, and the project was discontinued.