The Boedecken

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The Boedecken
"The Boedecken, a city to surpass Aureus" - Fit, May 30th, 2018
The Boedecken Central Hub
InhabitantsCainesLaw, bigdon50, Bammerbeast, KillerCapybara, VargaGirl, AlphaComputer, Tachrev, Parthicus, Legato, Yellowstonejoe, xcc2, Hayor, Negative_Entropy, Jacktherippa, Beardler
StartedLate 2016
GriefedMay 25, 2018
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The Boedecken was a base founded by CainesLaw in 2016 after the destruction of Aureus City during the events of the Rusher War. The base was kept secret for around 2 years until it was leaked and eventually griefed by Beardler, a former Museum member, during the BoeMeccan Witch Trials. The base was one victim of this drama along with Block Game Mecca.



When CainesLaw's second base, Aureus City, was destroyed in 2016 during the Rusher War, CainesLaw went out to found a new base he named "The Boedecken", which ended up being one of the biggest bases the server had ever seen. CainesLaw eventually started to invite members from Aureus and even new members, under the condition that no one would ever release photos or talk about it publicly due to all the coordinate exploits roaming rampant. The base started and continued to expand to enormous lengths and remained secret for the next two years.


In May 2018, Museum operator and console access member, Beardler, was invited to BGM and the Boedecken. When Beard reached the Boedecken, it was found to be relatively close to the axis. He later leaked and destroyed the base for apparently wanting rare items and CainesLaw's book collection. The griefing of the base was initially blamed on jared2013's 31days31griefs/Month of Destruction, similarly to the thoughts of BGM's members as the base was griefed around the same time. However, CainesLaw did some investigating and noticed that the most damage to the base was his library and the artifact storage room. He later discovered it was Beardler in a museum group chat, who was the first to notice the base was griefed and blew up the base to cover his tracks of stealing the items.

Subsequent Incidents

After the bases' grief, the so-called BoeMeccan Witch Trials occurred, a final climax of the drama occurred with the grief of Purgatory 2.

Tour Videos

Fit's tour of The Boedecken part 1

Fit's tour of The Boedecken part 2


Legato's video of the construction of The Boedecken