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Inhabitantspassie05, policemike55, PollyTheParrot, JDW9966, redolunatic (Spikain), x0XP, xcc2, ziggy_s, zxcwbz1
StartedJanuary 2012
Griefed2012, 2014, 2020 (Bedrock Comet)
GriefersFirst griefed by Harblax, lavacasted later by Jared2013, Bedrock Comet final blocks destroyed by Armorsmith's Followers (through the Anti Bedrock Society), Team WAO, and The Klansmen on August 20, 2020
World download
LinkWorld Download (superflat world)

ZiggyBase or Ziggy Base, often incorrectly called Ziggy Town or ZiggyTown, was a base built in January 2012, and abandoned later in mid or late 2012. It was re-inhabited in 2014, although was found months later and griefed a second time. The base is best known for the Bedrock Comet. Not so far away from the base is a big part of dried-up ocean, walled off from the water with bedrock, given the title of the "Bedrock Dam". Builders got the bedrock through popbob's backdoor, which allowed him to select players to teleport to, fly, and use the Not Enough Items mod to spawn items in. One of the members who got these perks made stashes out in the millions filled with illegal items, including bedrock. It was one of many bases that had the signature "town" in its name, as bases back then were generally called towns. The base was eventually griefed by Harblax in 2012.

The base comprised standard Minecraft castles and houses. It was more colorful than SquidBase due to the fact that it was built in a different Minecraft version, which introduced new creative blocks that players could use. The base remained notable after its grief due to the remaining Bedrock Comet, a tourist attraction which was eventually destroyed in August 2020 by the Klansmen and Anti Bedrock Society, who broke the last block.



During the time of the base's founding, NFE was being repeatedly griefed, and a famous group base, SquidBase, had been abandoned.[1] ziggy_s, who had built at NFE, as well as passie05, traveled to X:-400 Z:800, NFE's Overworld coordinates, in the Nether. They found a portal there and traveled to the Overworld, where they found a "strange abandoned tower with trees growing around it and underground farms", as recounted by xcc2. It is unknown who built these. ZiggyBase was founded at this location[1] in January 2012.

First occupancy

Ziggy began building farms, and passie began building a large castle from a tutorial. xxc2 arrived afterward and started building an Oriental-style building connected to Ziggy's farms. Many refugees from NFE found a home at ZiggyBase, such as JDW9966, policemike55, redolunatic, x0XP, and zxcwbz1. redolunatic built an underground sheep farm divided into pens by the color of the sheep's wool. This farm was used for builds at the base such as his "Daily Dose" pill, and xcc2's cathedral. A multi-levelled automatic wheat farm was built by x0xp, a Spleef arena was built by passie, and several other builds were made.[1]

xcc2's cathedral unfinished

popbob also arrived at the base, though did not build anything. popbob got into a verbal conflict with Branillon in May 2012, a new 2b2t player invited to the base by xcc2. He griefed Branillon's underground farm and killed him with Joeko488, sending him to spawn and causing him to leave the server.[1][2]

After a dupe was discovered, builders contacted creamoftheslop to get the coordinates for his stash of illegal items, which were leftover from popbob's backdoor. xcc2 and passie travelled to the stash using speed potions on the Nether roof, bringing back illegal items such as spawn eggs and bedrock, which were duped as fast as possible. In June 2012, the Bedrock Comet was illegally built out of bedrock at ZiggyBase by passie. The Bedrock Dam and Bedrock Bunker were also built nearby.[1]

ZiggyBase was abandoned in 2012. It became slightly griefed during its abandonment.

Second occupancy

In 2014, xcc2 returned to ZiggyBase find it only slightly griefed. The base was rebuilt and reinhabited. jared2013, a new 2b2t player at the time, helped at the base and lived there, making it one of his first homes. ZiggyBase was found months later and griefed for the second time. Following that incident, the base members decided to leave the base for good.[1]


During the Rusher War in mid-2016, taylo and jared2013 attempted to defend and protect the ruins of ZiggyBase by covering it in a lavacast.[1] Over the years, many different players and groups contributed towards the ruined state of ZiggyBase.

Despite the base being destroyed and lavacasted, the Bedrock Comet remained as a well-known landmark, as it was impossible to grief without exploits.

In April 2020, an attempt to remove the lavacasts from ZiggyBase was made. The project was lead by players Univercius and KBgaming, with additional help from Jimbo_Limbo and the creator of the bedrock comet, passie05. The restoration effort took about half a week and when the project concluded, almost all remnants of the years-old lavacasts were gone.

In February 2022, Dima788 launched a rebuild project on Ziggybase. His group, the Overworld Highway Association, rebuilt some buildings at ZiggyBase and terraformed some of the previously griefed terrain.

Bedrock builds

After a dupe was discovered, builders at ZiggyBase contacted CreamOFtheSlop to get coordinates for his stash of illegal items leftover from popbob's backdoor. xcc2 and passie travelled to the stash with swiftness potions on the Nether roof, bringing back illegal items such as spawn eggs and bedrock, which were duped as fast as possible. This bedrock is what was used to build the Bedrock Comet, as well as the nearby Bedrock Bunker and Bedrock Dam.[1]

Bedrock Comet

The inspiration for the Bedrock Comet, a marker from the Dead Space franchise
The Bedrock Comet being built by passie05 with his alt account faalbanaan

The Bedrock Comet was constructed in June 2012 mainly by passie05.[3] passie was very careful when placing blocks, double-checking for each block. He stated, "I think I ended up misplacing 2 blocks but it's hard to tell on such a massive build".[4] Despite its name, the build was not a comet, but is based on a marker from the Dead Space franchise.

passie himself expected Hausemaster to remove the Comet several times, as he had previously destroyed several illegal builds and lag machines over the years. A wither was spawned inside the comet, presumably when it was built in 2012. It was killed in 2016 by two members of The 4th Reich: httplogan and iTavux.

The Bedrock Comet before in its original form

In 2017, the top 30 layers of the bedrock comet were removed by househousehouse1 using the dragon egg bedrock removal method. Due to dragon eggs falling through bedrock and breaking multiple pieces at once, there were a lot of holes in the bottom of the comet as well.

In November 2019, as part of The Book Club's "No Server November", two players built an extremely powerful lag machine inside the Bedrock Comet. When it was removed, Hausemaster was careful not to remove any bedrock.

Later in November 2019, Brownmen members built a ban chunk that encased the bedrock comet. There were also three other hollow ban chunks built to make it looks like one structure, so that if an admin were to use WorldEdit to remove it, they wouldn't realize that the comet was also deleted. The ban chunk builders spread fake screenshots of the comet being reverted to stone around 2b2t Discord servers and subreddits to trick players into going there and getting banned.

In April 2020, shortly after the lavacasts had been removed from ZiggyBase, a furnace chunk ban was set up by a few members of The Brownmen, known as the April 8–10 Chunk Ban. The group would later expand the project and name themselves The Bakery. On April 10, an invitation to a "party" at the Bedrock Comet, promising kit giveaways, storytelling, and trading, was posted on the subreddit, prompting many unsuspecting players to go to ZiggyBase.[5] Dozens of players would be chunk banned over the next few days due to this, and it even gained the attention of Fit, who would later make a video about it. Hausemaster made attempts to remove the chunk ban but it was fairly easy to set it back up. After a week, The Bakery moved operations from the Comet to 0,0 Overworld.

On May 9, 2020, a group known as 2b's Satanic Cult began to destroy the Bedrock Comet. Progress was initially slow, due to inefficient bedrock removal machines and loose group structure. By June 16, members of the group formed a new group called the Klansmen, created for the sole purpose of destroying the Comet. By July 15, 2020, members of the Facepunch Federation began attempts to defend the Comet, with early successes. As part of the defensive efforts, the comet was submerged in a water cube in order to protect it from griefers attempting to destroy the bedrock. However, infighting within the Facepunch Federation created difficulty coordinating defense efforts. Quickly filling the gap came members of The Emperium, motivated by the promise of combat rather than historical preservation. Over the next few weeks, griefers gradually chipped away at the Comet.

Battle of Ziggy Town

See also:Anti Bedrock Society
Battle of Ziggy Town
DateAugust 20, 2020
LocationZiggyBase (X:3378 Z:6658)
ResultAnti Bedrock Society and Team WAO victory, Bedrock Comet destroyed

Combatant OneAnti Bedrock Society (Armorsmith's Followers subgroup), Team WAO
Combatant TwoKlansmen, Infinity Incursion

Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses

The Bedrock Comet remained as one of the last standing bedrock builds until August 20, 2020, when its last blocks of bedrock were destroyed in the culmination of a large PvP fight known as the Battle of Ziggy Town. Most of the blocks were destroyed by the Klansmen and their allies, but a temporary sub-group of Armorsmith's Followers known as the Anti Bedrock Society was able to take control of the Comet with the support of Team WAO. The Klansmen sent the Infinity Incursion to kill Anti Bedrock Society members Armorsmith and Mc_Ren. Many PvPers such as WomenAreObjects, Komilia, Guntherrr, Violonty, and Mc_Ren fought in the battle, which lasted for over seven hours and resulted in tens of deaths on both sides. Team WAO and the Anti Bedrock Society eventually won, and it was under their control that the last bedrock block was removed. This would result in a debate between the two groups over who should get recognition, due to the Klansmen removing the majority of blocks.

passie reacted to the destruction of his Comet with a post on Reddit the following day, titled "The end of the marker, fun while it lasted". The post garnered almost 3,000 upvotes in two days.[6]

Today some nobody's removed the last block thinking it would make them famous somehow but I doubt it will. But that's how it is on 2b2t you build something hoping it will last but in the end it will always be destroyed one day or another.
- passie05[6]

Bedrock Bunker

An illegally built bedrock bunker near bedrock level is close to ZiggyBase. FitMC made a video about it.

The bunker was four blocks wide, three blocks tall, and seven blocks across (on the inside), with no way inside. When using freecam, it was possible to place blocks inside the bunker. xcc2 claimed that using freecam, they used the bunker to store items as an ungriefable chest.

The bedrock has been replaced with obsidian using an exploit by V3L. He recorded footage of his doings.

Bedrock Dam

An illegally placed bedrock build known as the "Bedrock Dam" is located at X:-3500 Z:7000. After removing Bedrock Comet, Klansmen and Anti Bedrock Society saw it as their next target. Bedrock removal was stopped on 8th September 2020 because of the newest patch that deleted bedrock removal glitch.

In the summer of 2021 all bedrock in the dam was removed, and ZiggyBase no longer has any standing bedrock structures.


Bedrock Comet
Small base built inside the comet. July 2020.


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