The Bannering

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The Bannering was an event organized by player PRThomas in February 2019.


PRThomas and his friends used the banner for their bases. The group greatly benefited from the Chunk Dupe and also duplicated the banner. In February 2019 the group started the ‘Bannering’, placing thousands of banners all over Spawn. They also offered players gear if they also placed a large amount of the banners. The banners started appearing all over the server around Spawn, on the highways and even at the world borders. The group also combined its project with an item-shop. The larger community started to take notice of the project and the first sabotage attempts started. Eventually the project stagnated and in May 2020 a member of the group turned on his friends and deleted the discord server, which had reached up to a thousand members at the time. It is estimated that over a million of these banners were placed, and as of late 2023 countless of them can still be found in the Spawn region.[1]

PRThomas's banner