The Backstreet Boys

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The Backstreet Boys banner.

Existed - November 2018 - Present

Status - Active

Numbers - 20-30

Bases - 6

The Backstreet Boys is a group founded and lead by digandbuilder and iMems after digandbuilder was banned from the Astral Order and iMems left. The name and ranks of the group are roadman themed (look in the urban dictionary if you don't know what a roadman is. The Backstreet Boys seek to have fun on 2b2t as much as possible, be it by griefing bases, building bases or hanging around at spawn to kill players and build concentration camps, which is a group tradition.


6) Bigman (Leader)

5) Main g

4) Inner Circle

3) Safe g

2) Mandem

1) Recruit

The Backstreet Boys-Astral Order conflict

Since the creation of the Backstreet Boys a supposed "war" has been going between the Backstreet Boys and the Astral Order. The two groups both hold a disliking towards one another due to the actions of jay and Galvatron. The war between these two groups is quite peaceful and not even that much of a war at all, they have both griefed each other and have done some damage to one another. In December 2018, a player called Ethan5914 (a friend of iMems from the 7th Incursion) found an Astral base for lower ranking members and sent coordinates to iMems and dig. Dig streamed at spawn and in that stream, him and a few others including iMems and Ethan went there and players named SteamPunk and DanThePokemario spotted them and reported it to the Astral council but as DanThePokemario was also in the Backstreet Boys and he had coordinates to their base too. DanThePokemario was kicked out of the group as a precaution, but he was annoyed at this so he leaked coords to the group's base. The Astral base leaked by Ethan and the Backstreet base leaked by DanThePokemario were both griefed, In retaliation to the Backstreet Boys spawn base getting griefed, iMems, Opwolfy and Cityboss1 went and griefed the Astral Order's main base. The Astral Order currently has not recovered from this still and is in a long state of repair, it is unknown if the Astral Order will disband in the future or not. The Astral Order and the Backstreet Boys are now much more formal enemies who still hold a disliking towards one another but no conflict has occured as of recent.

As of the 2nd of July, 2019, the Astral Order appears to be experiencing a huge decline which has been present ever since the Backstreet Boys annihilated their main bases in late-December, 2018.

Foreign Relations

Astral Order - The Astral order and The Backstreet Boys have had a history of being enemies but much more recently relations between the two groups have gotten better.

Team Nethertea - Allies

Jew Masons - Close Allies

Point Zenith - Allies

Legion Gamemode - Enemies


iMems (Bigman)

Digandbuilder/DIGMC (Bigman)

Windowsxp4971 (Main G)

RobotChikens/Ben Beyond (Inner Circle)

SinCity (Safe G)

v9 (Safe g)

Fxlk (Safe g)

_25 (Safe g)

MacFabio (Mandem)

Fxlk (Mandem)

Pixelboy (Mandem)

MacFabio (Mandem)

Farmerjoe (Mandem)

Razuh_ (Mandem)

Cookiedragon234 (Mandem)

Lunchtreyy (Mandem)

Witblue (Mandem)

Vexxer232 (Mandem)

Nambrose (Recruit)

Instinctual (Recruit)

WitBlue (Recruit)

Super (Recruit)

prenope (Recruit)

NightKake (Recruit)

Hyperlith75 (Recruit)