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Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys.png
The Backstreet Boys banner
FoundedSeptember 2018
Leaderdigandbuilder and iMems

The Backstreet Boys (BSB) are a group founded and lead by digandbuilder (DigMC) and iMems after digandbuilder was kicked from the Astral Order and iMems left. The name and ranks of the group are roadman themed. The Backstreet Boys seek to have fun on 2b2t as much as possible by creating a very relaxed environment for members where generally everything is accepted as a group activity as long as it brings enjoyment to its members, be it by griefing bases, building bases, hanging around at spawn to kill players, or building concentration camps at spawn (a group tradition). The group saw a rise in popularity in early 2019, griefing many bases and starting conflicts with groups such as Legion G4MEMODE which was lead by a popular Spanish youtuber Felixelnoob, And the Emperium. Throughout the years the group has been most recognized for their griefing of significant 2b2t bases such as the Monastery, X-Topia, Monolith and Avalysium. They currently operate a YouTube channel dedicated to showing of their griefing activity which has amassed over 2 thousand subscribers as of June 2021, making it the largest active 2b2t group YouTube channel.


BSB is generally just a group of friends who enjoy playing 2b2t together, without following the structure of other 2b2t groups. The 4 main ranks that determine trust and activity level go as follows:

-Friend [Rank given to anyone who BSB thinks is chill or anyone that often hangs out with them that doesn't play 2b2t] .

-Recruit [First 2b2t related rank... Recruits are people that seem to be chill and have done stuff with BSB on 2b2t, but haven't been known for long enough to 100% fully trust] .

-Mandem [Fully trusted active member of BSB] .

-Inner Circle [Players that have been with BSB for a long time] .

-Bigman [Leader of BSB, Usually iMems and digandbuilder]

Backstreet Boys-Astral Order Hostilities

The first ever conflict BSB had with another 2b2t faction, which existed because of the nature in which the group was founded wherein digandbuilder was kicked from the Astral Order for what he believed to be an unfair reason, and iMems left out of rage at how badly he believed the group was lead, mainly due to the actions of jay and Galvatron. All the way up until the Astral Order disbanded in early 2019, BSB was always trying to mess with them.

In December 2018, a player called Ethan5914 (a friend of iMems from the 7th Incursion) found an Astral base and sent coordinates to iMems and Dig. Dig streamed at spawn during which him and a few others, including iMems and Ethan, went there. SteamPunk and DanThePokemario spotted them and reported it to the Astral council but as DanThePokemario was also in the Backstreet Boys. He would be kicked out of the group as a precaution due to having coordinates to their base. DanThePokemario was annoyed at this, so he leaked coords to the group's base which would be griefed at the orders of jay. In retaliation for the Backstreet Boys spawn base getting griefed, iMems, OpWolfy and Cityboss1 griefed the Astral Order's former main base, Lugdunum. The Astral Order would go on for a few months after this until unofficially disbanding due to inactivity caused by the drama.

BSB–Emperium Hostilities

During the BSB's rise in popularity and "relevancy" in early 2019, TheDark_Emperor became very worried about the growth in what he originally thought was an "irrelevant" meme group and saw it as a potential threat as they were obtaining coordinates to and griefing several bases at this time. The BSB had also griefed the base of a loose ally of theirs, Legion G4MEMODE, which really damaged the possibility of any potential relations with the group. Emperor sent numerous insiders into the group, all of which were failed due to incompetency of the leadership and insiders, with two even being prior members of the Emperium with flimsy excuses as to why they left the group making their insiding attempts fail miserably, the ones who weren't prior members just did a genuine bad job because the Emperium at the time were very desperate for new members. Nothing much actually happened between the two groups for several months and it was in a way a sort of cold-war. This changed after the higher-ups in the BSB staged some inside drama with BachiBachBach who already was developing close relations far outside the group even with members of the Highland (a group unfriendly with BSB) and this was seen as a perfect opportunity to justify an argument resulting in him leaving and him reforming the 8th incursion into the Infinity Incursion. The Infinity Incursion would develop ties with the Emperium and an alliance of some sorts. The rise in tensions between the BSB and Emperium escalated when the BSB griefed an Emperium end base and the BSB gave the ok to Bachi to give them a meme base of theirs which the Emperium griefed claiming it to be a BSB headquarters when it wasn't, this was done in order for Bachi to gain Emperor's trust a bit more, the very reason why the Emperium wanted to ally with the Infinity Incursion. The BSB decided to have some fun and mess around with the Emperium by leaking a iMems' fake dox, which the Emperium believed, and more fake information, which they fell for and got more insiders into the group, even getting the insiders working for them to give the Emperium actual stashes as a way of gaining their trust. Unfortunately the insider who did this defected to the Emperium's side and confessed to their previous allegiance, this also meant that Bachi's position was discovered as well setting the BSB back a bit.



Inner Circle