The Astral Republic

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Astral Logo.jpg

Existed Jan. 12 2019 - Present
Status Active
Bases 7
Numbers ~30

Group History

The Astral Republic was originally created by jay_monroe when he was demoted from his council position in the old Astral Order. Because of the discord server being more active than the original owned by LordGalvatronMC, many of the members of the Order followed Jay into this new discord server (later named the Astral Republic). Things were slow at the beginning because the members didn't really know what to do. Some players pushed Jay to begin recruiting, but he refused for a while. When he finally did start, the group had a spike in activity. After a few weeks, the group had recruited enough people to fill two bases, called Red Base and Blue Base. Things were looking well, except there was one problem; Jay was the only active council member at the time allowing him to basically do whatever he wanted. He abused his admin privileges (promoting newfags that didn't disagree with him to high ranks, kicking recruits for no reason often giving the reason "he thought they were annoying" which caused a base to get griefed). Members of the Republic were not to fond of his actions, but whenever someone tried to talk to him about it, he would either play a victim or blame others (otherwise known as gaslighting). Many members pushed for DanThePokemario to be promoted to council to balance out the power in the group, and as soon as that happened he attempted to change the criteria for council, but the inactive "Astral Judge" of the time (Stadhouder) decided Dan's promotion to council was legal, so DanThePokemario was promoted. Jay would continue to hold secrets from Dan and the other council (e.g. creating a seperate discord called The Loyalists for the explicit purpose of grooming loyal newfags to take over the group for him, brainwashing Dan by trying to promote a "True Council ideology" ,changing the constitution to make it harder for him to give people council which he personally did not like etc.). He had a failed attempt at absorbing smaller groups which was known as FIG, and attempted to inside the Emperium. Jay had told his plans to a player named PopeViper, who whistle blowed his operations to Dan and other co conspirators. Because of these reasons, DanThePokemario, PopeViper, Phi, and TheDark_Emperor created a plan to pressure Jay into leaving the discord. With the help of players Ghost, FluffyDaBaca, Biggus Dickus, cube_r00t, and Doctor they succeeded and after realizing he had lost the support of most of his members, Jay left and deleted his discord account. After some reconstructing, Leadership of the group was given to DanThePokemario, PopeViper, cube_r00t, LordKai1 and Giganox. There have been other instances of drama since then, but the group is now in a stable position and is quietly doing it's own thing.

Group Information

The Astral Republic is a group dedicated to building bases and having fun. The community is laid back and friendly.


  • Astral Guardian (Leadership)
  • Celestium (Main Members)
  • Meteorite (New Members)
  • Comet (Recruits)
  • Nova (Retired/inactive members)

Members move up in ranks if they are active in the Discord and on the server.

Main Members

  • cube_r00t (Astral Guardian)
  • DanThePokemario (Astral Guardian)
  • Sjoerd1812 (Astral Guardian)
  • Giganox (Astral Guardian)
  • Zla (Celestium)
  • SolarTheWolfTSP (Celestium)
  • Ghost (Celestium)
  • OpWolfy (Celestium)
  • Lord FreefieldMaster (Celestium)


  • The Astral Republic is Neutral with all groups and would rather avoid problems
  • Emperium (Friendly)
  • Society (Friendly)