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Not to be confused with The Archive (build), a bedrock sphere created during the third backdoor.

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The Archive is a Minecraft server hosting a collection of builds from 2b2t and Constantiam. It was born out of Terbin's collection of world downloads, initially only from public sources like reddit. The initial motivation was to be able to do renders and videos and quickly being able to access the individual builds.

The server started out as a private server mostly giving SpawnMasons and a few others access to the server. After a long period of testing it was later made public and announced by Willyroof on November 20th 2019 .

The server is operated and maintained by Terbin and can be accessed through the address (Minecraft 1.8-1.16)

Commands available on The Archive:

/warps open the warps gui (:clock~1: in hotbar)

/warp  <warp-name> warp to warp name (has tab-complete)

/tppos [<x> <y> <z>] teleport to coordinates in current world

/back teleport to location prior to using warps/tppos/warp

/tpa <player> request to teleport to the specified player

/tpahere <player>  request that the specified player teleport to you

/tpaccept accept a teleport request

/tpadeny reject a teleport request

/tptoggle disallow/allow icoming teleport requests

/fly toggle flight (:feather~1: in hotbar)

/gmsp change gamemode to *Spectator*

/gma change gamemode to *Adventure*

/pweather [list|reset|storm|thunder|sun|clear] adjust weather

/ptime [list|reset|day|night|dawn|17:30|4pm] adjust day time

/hideitem toggle hide/show other players (:ink_sac: in hotbar)

/w, /msg send a private message to the specified player

/r, /reply respond to the last private message received

/ignore ignore/unignore other players

/tc, /togglechat disable/enable chat

/msgtoggle disable/enable receiving private messages

/help access this info in game