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The Archive is a museum server created by Terbin with the goal of preserving 2b2t builds, similar to the old Project Vault and The Museum.


The Archive Logo, depicting Krobar's Mother of All Keeps.

The Archive's original purpose was so Terbin could use it to create renders and videos of 2b2t bases, however the project expanded in scope to become a museum server. Originally the collection was made up of just public world downloads and the Museum's collection. Eventually, Terbin began giving access to the (at the time) private Archive to a limited number of respected members of the 2b2t community. Players at this time began giving their own World Downloads they had collected, with even the old Museum owner, tomah54460, giving his extensive collection to Terbin after the Museum shut down. After extensive testing of advanced features such as a accurate warp system and a GUI to make finding bases easier, the Archive was made public and announced by willyroof on November 20th, 2019. Since then, it has expanded its collection to contain hundreds of 2b2t bases and places, as well as world downloads from Constantiam. Due to the 2023 Update Controversy, Terbin has been assisting players with how to use a newer world downloading mod system on the Archive's associated Discord.


The Archive only has one admin, Terbin, who has promised to delete player IP address logs every few weeks to prevent the drama that plagued The Museum.

The Server IP is: (versions 1.7–1.20 + latest Bedrock Edition)

The anarchy servers IP is: (versions 1.7–1.20 + latest Bedrock Edition)