The Archive (build)

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Not to be confused with The Archive (server), a public archive of world downloads.

The Archive (build)
Inhabitantsjared2013 taylo112
LocationAround X:-400,000 Z:440,000
StartedEarly 2016
LeakeriTristan (Accidentally)
GriefedLate April 2016
World download
LinkNot Available

The Archive was a bedrock sphere created by The Tyranny as a main base of operations during the peak of their power in early 2016. It was designed by jared2013 and taylo112 and housed nearly every item in the game, including horrendously powerful 32K Weapons and otherwise unobtainable items like Barrier blocks. It played a role in the destruction of several major bases during the Week of Destruction, including The Lands, Space Valkyria 2 and King's Landing, as members of the Tyranny used it as a staging area.

It was discovered through region files from 2b2t uploaded by iTristan to his Github.

The base was active for about two weeks before it was destroyed in late April through WorldEdit by Hausemaster. YellowstoneJoe visited the location in 2017, although it's been cleared "most entirely", including iTristan's unsuccessfully placed end portal with incorrect eye placement.[1]

While the giant bedrock sphere was the main section of the base, there's a set of structures in the island beneath it that survive to this day. There's also an underground portal in the nearby ocean that leads to the Nether. The Nether end of the portal is near the roof of the dimension. Before Hausemaster deleted them, there were also a few illegal block structures, mainly made of bedrock.