The 2b2t Oscars

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The 2b2t Oscars was an event organized on July 25th 2022 by Bookhood.

The 2b2t Oscars
InhabitantsFranknificant, multiple members from Bookhood
Location-13745 9665
StartedJuly 23rd 2022
FinishedJuly 25th 2022
GriefedJuly 25th 2022
GriefersThe Backstreet Boys
World download
LinkNot Available


The event was held in a recreation of the Royal Albert Hall designed by Franknificant, which was built near the ruins of Dark Souls Castle. A series of guests was formally invited to the location. Franknificant independently shared the location with other players such as Dima788 and Jakethasnake52.

During the event the server shut down randomly, forcing the organizers to continue it at Toro’s Theater on The Archive.[1]

Players were able to vote on multiple categories. The categories and winners were:

Once the server went back online, an attempt was made to continue the event there, but the site was quickly griefed, mostly by the Backstreet Boys.[2]