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"2b or 2t"
BasesCum Zone II, DonFuer 20
Alternative AccountsTheDem1urge
PastPeacekeepers, Highland, The Guild, Infrared, The Mafia, VoCo, Donfuer, Shortbus Caliphate, Crimson Star, Fate, Teslic, and Guardians of Andromeda

SmackAttack86 was a 2b2t player who joined in 2014 and participated in a variety of groups.



Smackattack86 joined 2b2t in 2014 after reading about the server in a Minecraft-oriented magazine. He kept to himself until mid-2017, when he became a member of Peacekeepers and Highland He re-founded The Guild after HermeticLock disbanded the original group that he was in. SmackAttack was doxxed by The_Grand_Lotus after Smack insided Infrared. He operated a 2b2t News YouTube channel from 2017-2018. SmackAttack86 left the server in 2018, removing most 2b2t-related media of him in the process.


SmackAttack86 rejoined 2b2t under the alias 'TheDem1urge', although he was relatively open about being SmackAttack86, despite feeble attempts at keeping that private. He built with Shortbus Caliphate, Crimson Star, Fate, Teslic, Guardians of Andromeda, and Donfuer throughout late 2021 and early 2022. He also participated in the Tenth Incursion, and built at Cum Zone II and DonFuer 20. He later leaked the Donfuer Quartz Pyramid and quit 2b2t again. He later changed his name to 'TheDukeOf2b2t'