TheDark_Emperor is the founder and leader of The Emperium.

TheDark Emperor
JoinedDecember 2016
Alternative Accounts666bjorn, CenturionI
CurrentEmperium, SpawnMasons


Early Days on 2b2t

TheDark_Emperor joined 2b2t in late 2016 after seeing TheCampingRusher's videos of the server. Emperor had planned the basic structure of The Emperium before even purchasing his minecraft account, which allowed him to immediately begin recruiting for the then-nascent group. Emperor created his first base, soon thereafter, which he named Arrowhead. Emperor stayed for several months, and left after the Donkey Dupe. The base was later griefed by jared2013 in 2019.[1] Following the Donkey Dupe, Emperor led the Emperium to a peaceful settlement of the Voperium Conflict.


In mid-2018, Emperor assimilated large elements of Team Coca Cola, The Asylum, and Singularity into the Emperium, nominally under the banner of the UGE. The UGE was an extremely large power bloc, which caused the foundation of the Alpha Alliance as an attempted counterbalance against them. The Alpha Alliance including Highland, Infrared, and others. The Emperium and UGE were able to defeat this alliance with relative ease. With all the new members from the various UGE factions, the Emperium doubled its size.


Since 2020 started, Emperor has gone on to do even more things and continues to play on the server regularly. In May 2020 he got doxxed by player named Forceken, who made a mapart was made of his face which got distributed all over spawn. Later the same month he created the Guardsmen, along with HermeticLock and Orsond.


Emperor returned to 2b2t in February 2022 after a year long hiatus, he decided to revive The Emperium and invited many new 2b2t players and old members that used to be in the group.