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test.2b2t.org is the IP of the official experimental map under the 2b2t subdomain for testing changes to the main server.

test.2b2t.org was opened for the first time September 1st 2019 on a 1.12 map after the IP was posted in the chat of the main map, 2b2t.org.  It remained up for around a month, closing later in September.  The server would not be online again until March 9th 2021 until April 12th 2021, on version 1.16.  It would open again on June 18th 2021 on 1.16 for further testing, periodically going down for a day or two at a time, until going offline in November 2021 for a few months.  February 2nd 2022  the test server reopened on version 1.18, and an announcement was made in the subreddit detailing plans to create a second test server with the old map while the 1.18 was online as well.  Players could still join the main 2b2t.org map, as well as the test server independent of each other.  test.2b2t.org has been down since 2022.

September 2019 map

OpenedSeptember 1, 2019
ClosedUnknown (online)
VersionMinecraft Java Edition 1.18
Spawn on September 3, by Koragus


  • September 1st, 2019 - test.2b2t.org opens and the IP is posted in chat on the main server. Over 100 players join, and the server experiences multiple crashes, but little lag. Spawn becomes very active on this fresh 1.12 map and sees many players fighting with unenchanted diamond gear and weapons. Basic highways are created in the nether. An End Portal is located by dabigbulletz638, and coordinates are shared. The Ender Dragon is soon killed. One of the first bases is created by YouKnowTheDeal and EllioTricks: Wesley Willis base. Several more end portals are found within a 4,000 block radius.
  • September 2nd, 2019 – Named and enchanted weapons and tools begin to circulate around spawn. Spawn begins to get lavacasted and burned. Wesley Willis base is looted by PRThomas and Discusser, and the members move to a new base. The Nether becomes more accessible and easier to navigate in a 500 block radius, resulting in multiple bases being constructed within a 4,000 block (Overworld) radius. Schizo Clits is founded by Jonathan222, ElliotRodger523, VADemon, and BuyMyMojo.
  • September 3rd, 2019 – The server map is reset, but is reinstated to its previous version after a few hours and displeasure from the community. After another server restart, anti-bot measures are added by the admin. Before this addition, players spammed the server chat with NFA accounts while logging in and out of the server, making it impossible to ignore them. Chat becomes calmer and easier to read after the anti-bot is added.
  • September 4th, 2019 – The first mapart is made on the server, simply named ":who:". It was made by mcillanator, Albatros_, Yqe and Prismary.
  • September 5th, 2019 – PRThomas and Discusser create the server's first dupe stash. This later evolves from simply items to shulkers containing maxed gear.
  • September 6th, 2019 – The world seed is cracked but remains private.
  • September 7th, 2019 – Sunrise Farm, created by BGP1 on September 1, is proclaimed to be the biggest base. 30 stronghold coordinates are leaked by Discusser.
  • September 8th, 2019 – The first effective lag machine is made by Discusser, which is capable of dropping the TPS to 8 within a minute. The seed is cracked by the Schizo Clit member BuyMyMojo (RelievedStudio) and images posted to Reddit. EllioTricks insides Sunrise Farm, and he kills a few base members before making some lava casts over the base. The base members then begin its 3rd reconstruction. The base Schizo Clits is now the largest and primary base on the temp map. PRThomas is the first person to reach 1,000 player kills.
  • September 14th, 2019 – The server's temp map comes to an end to be restored to the original world the following day.


March 2021 map

test.2b2t.org (2021)
Icon changes of the test server.
OpenedMarch 9, 2021
ClosedApril 12, 2021
VersionMinecraft Java Edition 1.16


  • March 9 (roughly 14:00 GMT) – Server is back up again with a new map in 1.16, and the description in the server list being "secret 1.16 testing zone"
  • BachiBachBach posts about the server on the Infinity Incursion Discord server, and creates the 2b2t test server Discord server. The test server floods with around 100 members as the description is changed to "not-so-secret 1.16 test server"
  • March 10 – The first mapart ever locked using a cartography table is created by Yqe, mikeioannina, mcillanator, and Albatros_, simply named "amogus imposter".
  • March 15 – BarrenDome uploads a video bringing an influx of players.
Player influx following BarrenDome's video
  • Description changed to "1.16 testing, work in progress".
  • The server icon is seen to be tilting sideways. This has sparked conspiracy about what is happening with the test server and the main server.
  • March 19 – Yqe started a live stream showing natural terrain and clouds facing a "He Will Not Divide Us" flag made of 3×2 mapart, a remake of the Shia Labeouf live stream. Two players, Smash18 and Ic3Tank, find the location of the flag and take it down. The stream lasted 26 hours, 54 minutes, and 32 seconds.
  • March 25 – The server icon changes to be tilting more and showing fire at the bottom.
  • March 27 – The server icon is almost fully in fire with the description announcing the original world's return.
  • April 12 – The server went offline and will probably come back online for a while: Hausemaster is probably going to update 2b2t.org to 1.16.5 version of Minecraft.


External links

June 2021 map

OpenedJune 18, 2021
VersionMinecraft Java Edition 1.16.5
As seen on the serverlist
Initial tablist description
Tablist description as updated in late June 2021
Two bots and one player online, September 10


  • June 18 – The server opens once again for further 1.16 testing. The server description reads "continuation of 1.16 testing!". An official post is created by the server operators on the subreddit, announcing the test server, as well as information regarding the main server's downtime, the first word from u/2builders2tools since December 2019.[1]
further 1.16 testing, switching to original world within a week or two. this time this test server is expected to remain online for a month or up to two months, changing intermittently between the original world and this fresh world.
- Description above playerlist
  • 8 hours after the server opened, the world seed is cracked by Yqe (-7203864180869459193)
  • June 21 – The huge 2k2k spawnbase is raided by 5nt and some other Infinity Incursion players. It housed over 30 players and was the largest base so far on the map.
  • July to August – The server averages 30–60 players.
  • August 29 – The server goes down temporarily.
  • September – The server averages 15–30 players at peak hours, seeing as low as 3 on September 10.
  • September 12 – The server updates to 1.17 after a restart at midnight. The player count increases in the following days to as high as ~150.
  • September 27~28 – The server goes down temporarily.
  • October 13–15 – The server goes down for two days.
  • October 15 – The new world seed is found by PartyPixelParty (seed "0")
  • October 31 – The 2b2t Party Committee holds its annual Halloween party, on the test server.
  • January 29 – After months of downtime, the server re-opens on 1.18, with an announcement on the subreddit detailing plans for a future second test server with a "reworked from scratch server network and queue system"[2]
  • February 2 – The server opens a seprate world from ''a partial copy of the original version 1.12 world'', with no players' data files. Players can choose to join the ''the previous 1.17 world'' or ''the version 1.12 original world.'' freely.[3]
The test server is now online with a partial copy of the original version 1.12 world, and at this time with no player files meaning that upon joining it you will appear at spawn. To connect to the original world test server, after first connecting to the test server, then type "/join server2" in the chat.
Tablist description, October 23


Giant lavacasts and tons of bamboos, with damaged terrian. Spawn doesn't seem to be seriously damaged. For underground, ores can be found and bedrock isn't completely exposed. “The iconic lavacast seen at spawn was actually made on the very first day.” according to kz1_

Made of over 15,000 Obsidian mined from the End dimension.

The huge palace laying on the overworld spawn (0, 0) is called "Cydonia Outpost Cythe" and was designed by Killet, mainly built by Krashgamer. Carving out the lavacast and trenches were done by kz1_, beskhu, and Coose365. It was kept well until now.

The lava curtain surrounding spawn for 400 blocks square was created by beskhu.

Noob Town, located 1000, -800 was built and maintained by several regular players. Most new players would go there for the start development.

Noob Town

What became the first Noob Town was a settlement built by Lordloffar and posted on the subreddit on June 24, located at X:1k Z:-1k.[4] Later, politefrostbite built walls around it.

[[GenesisOfEclipse[[, yz_chen_tw, and Coose365 arrived and began to add to the base. While the public posts of the base brought these players, they also resulted in a grief of the original location. Noob Town 2 was founded shortly thereafter at (X:-700 Z:-700 in the Nether), although it lasted a similarly short time.

The third Noob Town was created in the style of the Valley of Wheat. At the time, groups led by GenesisOfEclipse and yz_chen_tw were enemies, and an organized crystal PvP fight was fought by 1handryan, scottexx, and mcbirbz, versus nicktheninz, i6ex6ex, and yz_chen_tw at Noobtown 3, without any casualties.

Noobtown 4 was later created secretly on August 14, between the 7 most trusted members, and was abandoned after a few days. It was griefed on September 25. Several more Noob Towns followed both on the test server, and later on 2b2t.org itself.

Red City

Red City members

Founded by AyrahChan, Niko_cada and dobex_x, the pre-Red City (X:-12570 Z:-2291 [Nether]) was built around July 7. Members began to grow slowly as the base was getting larger. This base contained a wither rose farm, a ghast farm and developed trading system.

August 18, bases of some active players got demolished one after another including the Asteria base. Some of them chose to live there. However, no longer after that, someone leaked the coords then the base was griefed by Nicktheninz immediately.

Red City (Nether pos -3645, -1625) was decided to be constructed on the previous built raid farm which is much closer to spawn on August 26 . This time more players joined for construction, one of them is an experienced video creator whose in-game-name is ligeawa.

As it is close to spawn, even newbies can travel there easily by the two-block-wide tunnel which straight leads to the base. Like the sun at high noon, the group was getting larger, more tiny buildings in different styles appeared one after another. At this time the base got its official name ''Red City''.

Red City II (Nether pos -6133, -4411) was a ghast farm based base. After the grief of Red City, members moved there and declined some less-experienced players for avoiding coords leak. However, like a curse, coords was leaked during one conflict between members. On October 4, Nicktheninz and poplafoz showed up at the base. Followed by several members being killed, Red City II was turned into ruins.

Some players still chose to live under the ruins, simple shelters were made. Groups were actually broke up at that time.

Red City III (Nether pos -24859, -3566) , originally miku_2333's private base. Only absorbed trusted members. On October 22, it was griefed by Nicktheninz, Youzen_tw, SlySnaker_Kin and poplafoz.


Players fighting at spawn

Although grinding gears is hard on a no-dupe anarchy server like this, experienced players still look for fights at spawn. Huge and vary farms were built for items supporting. For maxed geared players, crystals and swords are the main current way of fighting. Villagers were used to access every single maxed enchant possible for PvP use. Ghast and Enderman Farms were used to manufacture all the end crystals seen today. Gold Farms were used to make the golden apples. Raid Farms were used for the totems. Overall, there are many farms needed to have a surplus amount of PvP use.

Players fight in various ways, not being limited to end crystals. Battlefields are also diverse, including lava, underwater, random field and bedrock layer. Weapons include crystal, anchor, bed, sword, bow, axe and even trident.

After the update on September 12, criticals bypass module was patched. Which makes swords less powerful than before. It also encouraged people to jump manually when making hits.

Combats last long, since players tend to disconnect instead of being killed. Sometimes fighting even lasted hours, ended up someone died or disconnected. When disconnected, the opposite team or players would usually camp for the log out spot. The longest known camp time is over 21 hours by kz1_ when trapping a guy in one of the nether tunnels.

Totem fail (not being able to switch next totem with the Auto-totem module or due to lag or anti-cheat plugin) is very common, which was being most feared by PvPers. It started to happen in mid-July 2021.