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Early September 7th Sunrise Farm Render

Test.2b2t.org was an anarchy server under the 2b2t subdomain. The server was on 1.12.2. The server was started on September 1st, 2019, and was populated with people almost immediately when the server operator posted it in chat. It was then posted around in the 2b2t Media Archive. The server was opened up as a test server, with the possibility of being used as a new queue.



0 0 When it was first generated

September 1st - Server opens up, the server is immediately filled with around 100 people and bots. Server experiences lots of crashes, but little lag (compared to 2b2t.org at least). Spawn becomes a chaotic warzone filled with spawnfags fighting with unenchanted Diamond Swords. Basic highways are created. The Ender Portal coords are leaked by dabigbulletz638, and the Ender Dragon is soon killed. One of the first real bases is created by YouKnowTheDeal and EllioTricks: Wesley Willis base. Several more end portals are found within a 4,000 block radius.

50 blocks away from 0, 0 on September 1st, 2019

September 2nd - Named and enchanted weapons and tools start to get circulated around spawn. Spawn begins to get lavacasted and burned. Wesley Willis base is looted by PRThomas and Discusser, and the members move to a new base, "Schizo Clits". The Nether becomes super accessable and easy to navigate in a 500 blocks radius, resulting in many bases within a 4000 block (overworld) radius.

Spawn on September 3rd, by Koragus

September 3rd - Server map is reset, but is reinstated to it's "old" form after some hours and temper tantrums. After another server restart, anti-bot measures are taken. This makes chat a hell of a lot easier to read. Before this people spammed the server with NFA accounts that went in and out of the server thus making it impossible to ignore them all.

September 4th - First mapart is made on the server, simply named ":who:". It was made by mcillanator, Albatros_, Yqe and Prismary.

September 5th - PRThomas and Discusser create the server’s first dupe stash. This later evolves from items to shulkers containing end game gear and kits.

September 6th - World Seed gets cracked and later gets cracked by other people but remains private.

September 7th - Sunrise Farm, created by BGP1 on September 1st, is proclaimed to be the Biggest Base. 30 Stronghold coordinates are leaked by Discusser.

September 8th - The first effective lag machine is made by Discusser, it is capable of dropping the TPS to 8 within a minute. Seed is cracked by the Schizo Clit member BuyMyMojo (RelievedStudio) and images posted to Reddit. EllioTricks insides the sunrise farm, kills some of the players working there and fills the base with lava casts. The base then begins its 3rd reconstruction. Schizo Clits is now the largest and primary base on the temp map. PRThomas is the first person to reach 1000 player kills.

September 13th - Server is changed to a copy of 2b2t's map.

Somewhere in September - Server is down "temporarily" to prepare for the next phase.

Notable Differences from the main 2b2t Server

  • Commands such as /tps, and /rules cannot be accessed by players
  • No queue
  • Players tend to get disconnected every 10 minutes, although this has improved.
  • Jesus works
  • Seed cannot be accessed by doing /seed. Players are required to use GPU based brute force crackers to find the seed. So far, only two main groups (Discusser + associates and 2b2t wiki + associates) have cracked the seed.
  • cracked seed released in the 2b2t wiki's discord: 3472623554240760786
test server spawn area map
First public image taken of the cracked seed from BuyMyMojo on the 8th of September.

Map of the Outer Spawn, made by /u/Jelooboi using Voxelmap
Render of the map art base, made by mcillanator