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Teslic Eagle.jpg
FoundedJuly 2020
DisbandmentEarly 2021
Members~10, up to a maximum of 20
LeaderBrickfactory, Fineidos, and Ponkz
10th Incursion, Camp Spooky

Teslic was a building group in 2020.


Teslic was founded in July 2020 under the name 'The Successful Republic' by Brickfactory. The original members were Brickfactory, Fineidos, FLLMALL, Soulbond, Apollo, and Memoryz. Many of the members were also part of the group Insignia, which was constantly insiding the Successful republic. After Fineidos helped Brickfactory clean the group up, the group was temporarily renamed to 'The Fraternity', after the New Facepunch Republic member GentlemanPHD's group of the same name on another server. The group brought in a number of new members in August of 2020 such as Benjamin_Gilbert, IAmCthulu, Spectre, and Ponkz. The group started a short-lived spawnbase in early Fall, before starting Tundrabase with the new members KarsenMC and ElGooseMan. There they duped the group's main stash with the Pyro dupe. The group joined Guardians of Andromeda briefly when it started, although several members were later kicked for insiding. After the grief of GOA's first base, Proxima Centurai, the GOA members TheDem1urge, rpb7191, and Joey_Coconut joined for a short period, before leaving (or getting kicked in SmackAttack86's case) when one of the Teslic members exposed a large public audience to the fact that TheDem1urge was in fact SmackAttack86. Most active Teslic members participated in the Tenth Incursion, and later in the Guardsmen event at Camp Spooky. Teslic went inactive afterwards, with Brickfactory and Ponkz quitting, and Fineidos joining Backstreet Boys. Some members later participated in Shortbus Caliphate and Linked Horizon. There was a short-lived revival attempt in January 2021. Tundrabase was griefed in Spring 2021.