The following is a list of commonly used terminology in 2b2t along with their definitions.


  • 1.12.2 – The version of Minecraft that 2b2t has been on for years, and will be the version of Minecraft running on the server until the server owner, Hausemaster, updates it to a newer version.
  • 32k – "Illegal" tools that were created as a result of the first backdoor. They possess the highest possible enchant level of 32,767. 32k swords were duplicated into oblivion over the years and had dramatic changes to the server's PvP meta. Hausemaster made many efforts to revert all 32k swords to their vanilla enchants, but they were still usable with dispensers, hoppers, and a good hacked client. Hausemaster finally patched 32ks in late 2019.
  • 4channer/4fag – a 2b2t player who joined via 4chan. Most 4channers were the first players to join 2b2t, in pre-Facepunch times. Unlike the Facepuncher term, players who did join due to 4chan barely use the title. Offtopia and THEJudgeHolden are a few examples of players who would be labeled a 4channer.
  • 9fag – Someone who joined the server because of Etika. Synonym of Etifag.


  • Alt/Alt account – an alternate or secondary account used by a player. They may be used by more known players to avoid detection.
  • Américain - French for American, is a term used by FuzeIII to classify all 2b2t players that aren't French speaking. This class was made on the assumption that the entire playerbase of the server before Fuze's series were all of American background or origin. This statement is largely untrue as the server has garnered multiple people from all around the world over the years.
  • Ancientfag – Although rarely used, it may be used for very old players, such as Hausemaster or players from 2010–2011
  • Ants/Antfaggots – These are players and the fans of AntVenom, who joined due to Ant's video on 2b2t in April 2018.
  • Aura – A hacked client module that automatically attacks players within a certain radius, allowing the user to hit players with relative ease.
  • Autistic – Autistic is a common term on 2b2t used to describe the 2b2t community.


  • Backdoor – a means of gaining access to the server in a way that regular players cannot. Usually by gaining Operator status, and having the ability to find bases, create non—vanilla items (most notably the 32K swords), and much more. There have been 3 backdoors of the server so far, 2 of which were done by the group knows as Tyranny/Nerds Inc.
  • Baked – an alternative term for chunk banning, used by The Bakery.
  • Baguettes - A term FuzeIII took from the 2b2t player base to encompass all French speaking players, from not only France, but anywhere else in the world. Can also be negative.
  • Base – any location used by a player or players to live and store their items. They tend to be far from spawn to avoid being found. This can also be used as a verb (eg: "I am basing with my friend")
  • Based – a 4chan term usually used to describe a person or action. It implies something is cool and/or unique.
  • Basemate – any trusted player that one bases with.
  • Bedtrap – a trap involving a bed, obsidian, and lava. After setting your spawn in the bed, you are permanently trapped in an obsidian cage with lava, with no means of escaping on your own if done properly. Frequently used on newer players, infinitely killing them and forcing them to quit.
  • Block game – describes the simplicity of Minecraft as a game, often used to remind players not to take the game seriously. Utilized in the name of the base Block Game Mecca
  • Bookbanning – the act of effectively banning a player by giving them a shulker full of books, each book having a large amount of characters. When opened, it will overflow the packet's data, and if the packets are too large, you will be disconnected. It is impossible to reconnect without disconnecting immediately after.
  • Bot – accounts that sit AFK and spam advertisements of discord and shop links in green text. Some bots are actually useful and tell people their playtime, the date they joined, how many people they’ve killed, etc. The two "useful" bots are Rusherb0t and LolRiTTeRBot
  • Botter – someone who bots the queue.


  • Chatfag - term for players that spend most of their time talking in chat with other people. Many of them like to start conversations about controversial topics, others just insult everyone on chat, most of the time annoying newfags and beggars. They are either loved or hated by the rest of the community.
  • Chunkban – an exploit consisting of filling a chunk with furnaces (or signs, from early to mid-2019), which disconnects anyone who loads the chunk. This is due to an overload incoming packet from the illegal object search plugin. This exploit was used by groups such as The Bakery.
  • City – a tactic used in Crystal PvP to trap and kill an opponent by limiting their movement and placing end crystals at their feet. Named after the player Cityboss1 for being the first to popularize this strategy.
  • Client – a hacked client.
  • Combat log – the act of disconnecting from the server during PvP combat before death. It is seen as a cowardly act and can ruin one's reputation.
  • Config – a configuration for a hacked module.
  • Coords – short for "coordinates." Every Minecraft world has X,Y,Z coordinates that are used to identify the location of a player and can be seen by pressing F3 (FN + F3 on some computers).
  • Crystal'd – the act of being killed by an end crystal.
  • CPVP – a shortened version of "Crystal PvP".


  • Diamond Rushers- A term used to describe Rushers who geared up quickly after joining.
  • Dumpstering – Synonymous with griefing, particularly very quick and destructive griefs.
  • Dub – Double chest filled with shulkers. It is the standardised method of measuring dupe stashes. (Example: That is a 30 dub stash) Which would mean that stash has 1,620 (30x54) Shulker boxes.
  • Dupe – Short for "duplication glitch".
  • Dupe stash – A collection of items duplicated using a duplication glitch, usually stored in shulker boxes.


  • E-chest – short form of "ender chest".
  • Elytrafly/E-fly – A range of common hacked client modules grant abilities such as superspeed or being able to use an elytra without rockets.
  • Empfag/Emptard – Someone in the group The Emperium.
  • Etifag – Someone who joined the server because of Etika. Synonym of 9fag.
  • Ez/Ezed – short form of "easy". This is usually said after someone kills their opponent in PvP combat, or forces them to combat log. The number of Zs can vary.


  • Face Place – a PvP term to place end crystals in front of a players head; usually to get them out of a hole.
  • Facepuncher – Facepuncher - A term not commonly used anymore by players but is still applicable. The term refers not only to original players of the Facepunch Republic but to anyone who joined due to the Facepunch forums, similar to how Rushers not only applies to players in Team Rusher but rather anyone who joined due to Rusher. Examples of Facepunchers are popbob, policemike55 and DemonElite119.
  • Fagtions/larp – fagtions/larp is a term used by players on 2b2t; Used primarily by oldfags as an insult towards groups founded during and after the Rusher War. They call these groups this because of TheCampingRusher, who was known to regularly play factions servers. This caused a large number of Rusher's fans to attempt to create several small factions to differentiate themselves from the warring groups during the Rusher War and treat 2b2t as a faction server rather than an anarchy server. Before you knew it, there were small factions literally everywhere and everyone (not only Rushers) claimed to be in some sort of group in one—way shape or form. However, most of these small factions died out the first couple of days (if they even lasted a day) of their existence, which was humorous to the regular players of the server, which led to the oldfags calling these groups "fagtions" and irrelevant newfags for obvious reasons.
  • Fitfaggot/Fitfag - A term used for players who joined due to Fit. Over the years, these players have become more prevalent on the server as Fit's channel grew. People began to call this irony out as Fit has essentially become "the new Rusher". Now a days mostly used to describe players who take FitMC's videos at face value and believe them to be accurate descriptions of the server, even though this very same wiki uses them as sources, which definitely has something to say about this website's legitimacy or accuracy.
  • Frenchfaggots/Baguettes/Faguettes - Frenchfaggot is a term used to mark players who only speak French, and was initially used during the first French "invasion" of AgentGB for players who watched AgentGB's 2b2t video and joined because of him. It was only prominently used during November 2016, as he did not decide to make a series on 2b2t after the pilot video. However, the server was advertised to them nonetheless, causing a small influx of French players to join 2b2t. The term was later revitalized during the second French invasion of FuzeIII in September of 2018, with a new term being used, Faguette, which is a bastardization of the word "Baguette". This is due to the bread's stereotypical association with French people.
  • Freecam – a hack on many clients allowing users to exit their body and view the surroundings as a virtual camera, similar to spectator mode.


  • Gapples/Gap – Another more modern term for golden apple in Minecraft used more on mainstream and faction servers, that got more popular in use on 2b after the Rusher invasion, due to Rusher and his fans being faction players. For most, it is synonymous with "Notch Apple".
  • Grief – to destroy or demolish a base or build with malicious intent, usually done in the form of lavacasting, burning, or with TNT. See self-grief.


  • Highway – A very long and/or frequently traveled road, particularly one of the roads built along the X and Z axes (often synonyms of the Nether Highway system)
  • Historyfag – A history fag is someone who believes a Minecraft server can have history (which is right, it can), and usually gets irrationally mad at those who grief signs, old bases, etc.


  • Illegal/Illegal item – generally defined as an item not allowed in vanilla survival Minecraft, such as spawn eggs, bedrock, and 32K swords
  • IGNer - A term used during the Second Incursion for the invading players from the IGN article on 2b2t. The term is no longer used commonly in present time.
  • Incursion – short for Spawn Incursions, which involves the practice of a group of players invading spawn for power, control, or anger, usually involving public works projects, main goals and reasons for doing so.
  • Insiding - Players who gain the trust of others in order to manipulate coordinates, items, etc from their victims/ group.


  • Jewtuber – A YouTuber who the community has determined is only playing on 2b2t to commercialize it, choosing to play in such a manner that will generate a maximum number of clicks for their videos. This can be used ironically or as an insult depending on the context and/or the person it involves.
  • Jew – A 2b2t player that prioritizes money over their friends and reputation.


  • Kek machine – codename for a lag machine invented by househousehouse1 that crams tens of thousands of entities in one spot. These were usually setup by the brownmen around nether spawn and would freeze anyones client who got too close.
  • Kit – a shulker box that usually contains armor, gapples, and crystals. Mass quantities are duped, with specifically branded armor and tools. Primarily given to newer players or used for PvP.


  • Lagfags – Players who purposely lag the server using lag machines in order to annoy other players in an attempt to become "infamous". Not all players who operate lag machines are lagfags, as it is seen as acceptable by many to cause lag in order to deter large amounts of newfags from joining the server (autistic due to how it makes escaping spawn extremelly easy by slowing down withers, drowning and possibly also hunger). Some lag machines are so powerful they can get everyone stuck in something akin to adventure mode, when blocks can only be broken is the player posesses a tool that can do this instantly. The most common lag machine design uses an exploit in the plugin PandaWire and was made by 2F4U.
  • Larp/Larping – Abbreviation of "Live action role-playing game". What is meant by this is to role-play with other players on 2b2t during different events and having a general circle-jerk about it. It is a commonly used term in last few years for players that take 2b2t too seriously. Many of them are roleplaying in chat praising their group with chat spam. Most of the players find them really annoying, and the term "larper" soon became an insult.
  • Larp Establishment – A term meant to encompass well-known individuals and groups on the server that engage in excessive and consistent larping on 2B2T, in co-operation with other well-known individuals and groups. Alleged members often work together to obtain clout, primarily though videos produced by Youtubers such as FitMC. This phrase is believed to have originated during the 2020 Infinity Incursion.
  • Lavacast – An artificially-created giant mound of cobblestone made by pouring water and lava on top of each other repeatedly, usually performed during a grief.
  • Logging – A shortened form of "combat logging", the action of logging while fighting another player.


  • Main – Main accounts that players use the most or almost all the time (opposite of an alt).
  • Megabase – A large base.
  • Midfag – Lesser used term to describe players that are neither old nor new. Some prejunes use 2013 - May 31st, 2016 to be the date range.
  • Muted – A player who has been muted, or banned from using chat by Hausemaster. Originally this was intended to prevent spamming or advertising, but recently has been a topic of controversy, with players being chat muted for little to no reason.


  • Nakeds- A term used by Rusher to refer to the Newfags/Rushers at spawn who did not have any gear. Can also be used to describe players without armor on.
  • Newfag – "New" player. How new a player has to be is subjective and most players disagree. For some the date a player joined is important, while for others the experience and wealth they have is more important. Some prejune players consider June 1, 2016 to be the cut off.
  • Newfriends/Newpals/Newplayers - This term is a replacement for the term "newfag" and is generally seen as an alternative way of addressing newer players. Most established players generally do not talk in this manner, however, newfriends is one of the most used terms out of the three. It should also be noted the other classes (Old/Mid) apply to these terms but to a lesser extent.
  • Newmap – another word for tempmap, but it could be used in the context of a real 2b2t new map.
  • No-Name/NN – A player that has little to no public reputation and often has extremely insignificant community contributions.
  • No Server November (NSN) – Event taking place every November during which different players and groups try to lag and crash the server
  • Notch Apples – Notch Apple is the more classic term for golden apples in Minecraft that most oldfags and midfags use on the server. A lot of people outside of 2b still use the term.
  • NPC – Mainly derived towards Spawnfags (mainly Emperium), It reflects the fact that most Spawnfags do the same thing over and over again; place crystals, type Ez and engage in groupthink with others ( not thinking for themselves )
  • Nuking – a basic substitute for destroying or heavily griefing a structure or group.


  • Oldfag – Players that have been around from 2010 - 2012. (There is no agreed time limit at which a player becomes an oldfag. Some claim that anyone who joined before 2015 are oldfags and some say that those who joined in 2013 are midfags. This means that the system is not official and is therefore subjective. The parameters listed in this article are those generally accepted by most players from pre-June, 2016. Today there is mostly just the distinction of 'postjune' and 'prejune' players, which also brings up the question relating to prejune players who barely played before TheCampingRusher being considered real prejune players. As this is all opinion based, there is no possible way to justify in concrete terms any distinction for a player.)
  • OGs - The extremely broad and vague term created by TheCampingRusher to define Oldfags as a group of which he planned to defeat in The Rusher War. The reasoning behind his using of this name was his reluctance to swear, let alone hack on the server. Usually only used nowadays by newfags who are too young to say oldfag.


  • Pearling – using ender pearls to teleport between places on the server. This is a common travel method for established players due to the unreliability of speed exploits
  • Pedo – A term to call people pedophiles for something they say or do. A majority of the time, the people called "pedos" are under 18 (eg: "Shut up pedo").
  • PKer – player-killers (can also refer to a member of The Peacekeepers)
  • Poorfag – a player who does not have a great amount of in-game wealth. The word can be used for players who do not have priority queue.
  • Pop – a player's totem of undying being used or "popped". Usually used in the context of PVP.
  • Prejune/Pre-june – a player who joined 2b2t before the Rusher Invasion on June 1, 2016. Usually used to emphasize a player's age. Can also be used as an adjective to describe anything 2b2t-related from before June 1, 2016
  • Priority Queue/Prio Queue/Prio – a seperate queue that runs alongside the normal queue, allowing you to join significantly faster for $20 a month.
  • Prio-banned – A player who has had their priority queue removed and is banned from the donation website by Hausemater, usually due to lagging the server.
  • Prio-stripped – A lighter version of the above priority bans. This is when your priority queue is removed but you can still purchase it again. This has been used as far back as 2016 with the prio(vet queue)stripping of torogadude.


  • Queue/Q – The line of sorts that all players have to wait in to join the server. There is normal queue and priority queue (aka prio). The normal queue is notorious for taking a very long time to let players in and is responsible for many old players quitting.
  • Queuefags – Players who complain about the queue all the time.
  • Queue Skip – Exploits that are used to skip the queue, via a proxy or by direct server attacks.


  • Rat/Ratted – A hacked client that has a logger or some sort of trojan on it.
  • Renovate – a term for griefing.
  • Ringroad – Roads on the Nether Highways that connect the axes' roads to allow consistent travel between them without having to return to 0,0 or dig to the desired axis. While they are called ringroads, they are often constructed as squares. Outside of milestone coordinates, their locations have a tendency and frequency to be erratic and arbitrary.
    • Diamond Ringroad – A form of Ringroad that diagonally connects between the axis' roads, rather than connecting to them at right angles. These kinds of ringroads are far less common than regular ringroads.
  • Rusherfaggots/Rushers/Junefaggots - Another synonymous term for Newfag. These players joined after June 1, 2016 and the subsequent time after, when the YouTuber known as TheCampingRusher uploaded a video titled "THE OLDEST SERVER IN MINECRAFT", bringing in thousands of players, leading up to the creation of the queue and the beginning of The Rusher War, The Hype Era (Also called "The Rusher Summer/Era" by some players) and the rise of many groups across the server. These players typically came from the video Rusher posted and stereotypically were labeled as being around the age of 13 in most cases. Being called this term does not necessarily indicate a person's affiliation with Team Rusher but rather a general statement. As rushers videos grew older and less influencial in bringing in new players, the term has become much less used in favour of fitfag, however it is still used oftern mockingly when describing still active players who joined during the Rusher Invasion.


  • Screenie – A screenshot taken in third person of oneself, most commonly with others; similar to "selfie".
  • Self-grief – The act of griefing one's own base, usually in response to when its coordinates are leaked, in order to avoid giving others the glory of doing it themselves.
  • Shekels – Shekels is the currency in Israel and is used due to 2b2t's toxic nature in reference to anyone who tries to acquire money (particularly off the server's back). "Hausemaster only runs the server for cocaine shekels."
  • Shulk – Short for shulker, often filled with PvP materials or building blocks.
  • SMIB – A phrase used by the group "The SpawnMasons". It means "So Mote It Be" and was made more well known by SalC1’s SpawnMason video.
  • Spawncleaner – A player who spends time cleaning up spawn, typically nether spawn.
  • Spawnfag – a player who spends almost all of their time at spawn killing players, usually at nether spawn, typically with end crystals.
  • Snowcone – The broad term used to identify queue skip exploits, allowing mass kicking of players without lagging the server. It was popularised by The Brownmen for using it to bypass priority bans (the name came from mass propaganda about alpha snowballs being used to instantly crash the server).
  • Stash – short for dupe stash, a collection of items duplicated using a duplication glitch, usually stored in shulker boxes.
  • Suicide bomber – someone who kills other players using crystal/bed bombing techniques, often killing themselves in the process. This strategy has seen minimal usage since the introduction of Totems of Undying.


  • Tacos/Tacofaggots/Spanishfaggots - These are the Spanish-speaking players that joined mostly from YouTube in September of 2017. YouTuber ElRichMC, who made a video on the server, is the main source of these players.
  • Tempmap – shortened form of "temporary map".
  • Topkek/Kek – means LOL (laugh out loud). Topkek means something is really funny or is short for LMAO. It originates from World of Warcraft.
  • Totem – short for "Totem of Undying", an item to grants player a revive in Minecraft.
  • Twink – used by some to refer to Taiwanese 2b2t players.


  • Utility Mod – The name given to a majority of hacked clients, this is to bypass TOS rules on some platforms like Discord that don't allow hacked clients.
  • Unbreakables – Tools and armor that has 32k durability points, created in game with a glitch. They were patched in December of 2019 with the wider "9th anniversary" illegals patch, but due to a bug unbreakable armor can still be equipped and duplicated by using a dispsenser. This works as of February 2022.


  • VanillaMinecraft played without any cheat clients
  • VoCoin – a currency used by the members of The Vortex Coalition.
  • VoCo - The group of The Vortex Coalition rather then just the members
  • VoFag/VoCuck/VoTard – members of The Vortex Coalition. Often used in conjunction with VoCo's slang term as the Vomit Collective
  • Veteran - a term used for anyone who joined the server prior to June 1st, 2016, and usually used to refer to a player in association with Team Veteran. The term was largely used during 2016, however, is highly looked down upon in recent times as 'Team Veteran' became unfavorable and many fitfags and other autistic players continue to use the term, despite it being highly outdated.
  • Veteran Queue/Vet Queue – an early priority queue which was given to players who joined before June 1, 2016. It was removed from all players in late 2017.


  • Winst0n'd – 2b2t slang for griefed, derived from the backdoored client Winst0n that leaked the coordinates of whoever used it, this word is rarely used.
  • World download/WDL – a digital download of chunks from the server. World downloads are used to preserve chunks, usually with a base, or for renders. These downloads can then be played on in a separate world. WDL is an abbreviation.


  • Xray - A hacked client module that allows players to see through blocks, typically to find ores or mineshafts, but it has been used to find bases on 2b2t.