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JoinedOctober 2018
BasesWhitehaven, Smibville, The Autumn Drain, Cloud Club, Spawn Migration, COVID-2147, Spawn Train, Point Pat Map, Rat House, Chunk Haven, Sky Masons, Five Isles
TypeArchive Owner, Archivist
CurrentSpawnMasons, The Society, GrayBeard Geezers

Terbin is an archivist who joined in October 2018. He is well known for being the owner of The Archive, a digital museum housing many World Downloads of bases on 2b2t. He was also a major contributor to The Masonic Eclipse and a has made many Minecraft cinematic videos.

2b2t Server Archive

After the BoeMeccan Witch Trials, an older server known as The Museum was shut down due to security concerns related to how builds were stored and administrative corruption. In order to continue hosting a place where users can visit previously destroyed bases, Terbin founded The Archive (server) and assumed the position as the sole administrator around August 2019. The Archive hosts hundreds of builds from 2b2t, and began accepting submissions from Constantiam (a similar, popular anarchy server). Terbin has continued to update the server throughout the years and is widely trusted amongst the 2b2t community.