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JoinedAugust 2016
BasesTemple of the Talion, Summermelon, Numenor, and Mu

Drud14 is a celebrated builder that joined in 2016 and participated in several large bases.


Temple of the Talion

Drud14 joined 2b2t in August 2016 after seeing videos by TheCampingRusher and Fit. He made a point of not using hacked clients for his first two years on the server. After escaping from Spawn, he started his first base 300k out in September 2016. Drud14 named the base 'Temple of the Talion' after a level in Tomb Raider II. He built the base entirely freehand and in vanilla without any duped materials. The Temple of the Talion featured a large underground complex with many redstone contraptions and detailed interiors, in addition to a large set of structures surrounding a dome on the surface.[1] He finished building the base in January 2017. Talion was griefed a year later by jared2013, Slappnbadkids, Tim_Mcnukepants, and Fake policemike as part of the 4th Reich admidst the Month of Destruction.[2][3]


See also: Summermelon

Drud14 left Temple of Talion and turned down an invite to Boedecken in March 2017 to accept an offer from Offtopia to join Summermelon, which also was Drud14's first group base. While there, he focused his builds on the floating islands above the base, including his town, airship tower, and observatory. While at Summermelon, Drud14 still refused to use hacks or mods of any sort. After Summermelon's grief by Fit, Drud14 moved to Numenor, although he was only there a short period before its leak as a part of the BoeMeccan Witch Trials.


See also: Mu

Drud14 was invited to Mu early in its lifespan. He finally downloaded a hacked client in order to make the journey out to the base. He played a major role in the planning and preparation of the location with such activities as TNT bombing and terraforming. After the location was ready for building, Drud14 built the entire Northwest quadrant of the base, which the swamp, giant mushroom, giant tree, Greek temple, trireme, and several villages.[4] After spending an extended period building, the base was leaked as a result of the Authentication exploit. After the fall of Mu, Drud14 rejected an invite to Autumnmelon and went inactive except to check on his Maparts.


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