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May 2021

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The Church of Hagia Sofia is a church built by Franknificant, the fourth of his Four Spawn Churches Project. It was built 9.5k blocks from Spawn and is based on the Hagia Sofia in Turkey. Construction was assisted by multiple Turkish builders, including Poyraz_Kaptan, 0yiqitozturk, gokberkimben, 00Volkan, and BUSOK, and was successfully used as a part of the second Lost Nomad Games event, which was griefed by Team WAO and Infinity Incursion.

June 2021

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The Autumn Drain was a base at the location of the late-2016 base The Drain, which first aimed to repair the base from its ruins, though eventually expanded to create a much larger base than The Drain was. Initiated by Vietnamese YouTuber 0Channy on October 22, 2020, many others joined the project, until the base was made public and griefed on December 18, 2020.

July 2021

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The Valley of Wheat was the largest known sanctuary ever to exist on 2b2t. The wheat covered almost every block of grass around the area, spanning over one thousand blocks from end to end in places. In addition, the Valley also contained many Ancient Egypt-style structures such as large pyramids, pillars, and sphinxes, built using sandstone and netherrack. It is currently thought to be the most griefed landmark. There have been numerous repair attempts, the most prominent being by the Russians in 2021. The Valley of Wheat was built by Jaang, a player who did not really like to interact with other players. Jaang was the sole builder of the entire sanctuary. He spent his entire time on 2b2t building and expanding the Valley in both of its constructional phases.

August 2021

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Valkyria was a base created in April 2013 with the merge of two groups, the Black Flag Group (Sato86, Pyrobyte, drewbookman, and Angry_baby) and Hitlerwood (Coldwave, zach3397, KnightVista, and hinderjd). It was the largest, richest, and most influential base of its time; the name Valkyria continued after the base as the name of the group. The players at Valkyria utilized the Minecart Dupe and occupied Spawn with their riches during the First and Second Incursions.

September 2021

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test.2b2t.org is the IP of a series of experimental anarchy servers under the 2b2t subdomain for testing changes to the main 2b2t server. It is currently open for the third time, re-opened on June 18, 2021, in version 1.16. It had previously been on version 1.12.2 after the server first opened on September 1, 2019, and was populated with people almost immediately when the server operator posted it in chat. It was closed in late September. It was unexpectedly re-opened from March 9 to April 12, 2021, to test 1.16, which was found accidentally and populated. It was then reopened for the third time on June 18, 2021, for further 1.16 testing.

October 2021

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Wässrige Hölle was a Nether base built around a single illegal water source block. "Wässrige Hölle" is German for "Watery Hell". The base was founded by LordKai1 and Phi_Phi on 8/1/19 after getting the coordinates to the water source block above the Nether roof from _Courier6_. The pair made tunnels in the Nether ceiling that drained into open Nether, creating many waterfalls all throughout the base. With the waterfalls, they were able to grow trees, wheat and other crops, and created a few buildings.