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May 2021

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Armorsmith's Followers is a 2b2t group with the goal to worship Armorsmith, the group's leader, as an "eternal god".

Armorsmith is a famous lagfag and shitposter. One day, he talked with a player named uglykids and suggested the idea of a group worshipping him. He wanted to call this faction "The Soviet Reunion". Due to the lack of time, he couldn't create this faction. But he did design a symbol for it, the hammer and sickle.

Armorsmith would then use this symbol in every single base/ build he made, including the Armorland End corner base, and his Carolina lag machine series.

A few months later, Armorsmith would team up with househousehouse1 and P529 to create his third major lag machine and ruin Christmas. While building the lag machine, on December 22 2017 he decided that it was time to finally create a Discord server of players who will worship him. He invited all kinds of players to the group. It was the first group on 2b2t to worship a person.

Some of the elite members of the group, who showed their dedication, were trusted by Armorsmith. These players were invited to special group bases. A unique example of such a group base is 200 150. This base was constructed just less than 200 blocks away from 0,0 and it lasted for 4 months. It was built below a lava cast, and was griefed later on by the Spawn Masons who held a meeting inside. FPS lagging, which was the earliest form of chunk banning, was brought to 2b2t by Armorsmith's Followers after the grief of their Spawn base, and so were the massive lava casts at the End Spawn. (Full article...)

June 2021

From this month's featured article

ZiggyBase or Ziggy Base, often incorrectly called Ziggy Town or ZiggyTown, was a base built in January 2012, and abandoned later in mid or late 2012. It was re-inhabited in 2014, although was found months later and griefed a second time. The base is best known for the Bedrock Comet. Not so far away from the base is a big part of dried-up ocean, walled off from the water with bedrock, given the title of the "Bedrock Dam". Builders got the bedrock through popbob's backdoor, which allowed him to select players to teleport to, fly, and use the Not Enough Items mod to spawn items in. One of the members who got these perks made stashes out in the millions filled with illegal items, including bedrock. It was one of many bases that had the signature "town" in its name, as bases back then were generally called towns. The base was eventually griefed by Harblax in 2012.

The base comprised standard Minecraft castles and houses. It was more colorful than SquidBase due to the fact that it was built in a different Minecraft version, which introduced new creative blocks that players could use. The base remained notable after its grief due to the remaining Bedrock Comet, a tourist attraction that was eventually destroyed in August 2020 by the Klansmen and Anti Bedrock Society, who broke the last block. (Full article...)

July 2021

From this month's featured article

The Astral Republic was founded Jan 12 2019 by jay_monroe following his demotion from Council due to his actions during the Beefytown fiasco.

Originally created by jay_monroe when he was demoted from his council position in the old Astral Order. Initially comprised mostly of astral members who trusted jay_monroe. Things were slow at the beginning, jay_monroe making little headway in his version of the Astral discord. He would become virtually inactive until approximately February 23rd, 2019. jay_monroe with UniaTQ planned an aggressive campaign to convince the remaining members of the original Astral Order to join the new Order. They planned to give new rights for Celestia, publicly advertise the Order, and to gain inter-server legitimacy from groups like the Emperium.Their campaign would work with approximately 70% of the original members within their control. jay_monroe declared their plan a success.The new Astral Order (later renamed to The Astral Republic) had a slightly different set-up from the original Astral Order. This included a bicameral system where the Council acted as the upper house and the Celestial Guardians as the lower house. Additional reforms included a modification of the interview process, criterion-referenced assessments to assist in the determination of eligibility for promotions, and the introduction of an Astral Judge to administer justice. Many members would push for jay_monre to start recruiting which he refused for a while. (Full article...)

August 2021

From this month's featured article

KinoGrad Base (KGB), also known simply as KinoGrad and often stylized as Kinograd Base or Kinograd, was a group base founded by kinorana and OreMonger after the fall of King’s Landing. It is perhaps most notable for its role in the drama of the third backdoor.

KinoGrad Base was founded by kinorana and OreMonger after King’s Landing was griefed by its members due to the coordinates being leaked by iTristan. Many members of King’s Landing joined KGB, including YellowstoneJoe, Drewbookman, Branillon, and SilverKrownKing. One later arrival to KGB was marcus4761, who was one of the founders of The Monastery.

The grief of KGB was one of the key pieces of evidence that Sato pointed to when revealing the existence of the third backdoor, going as far as calling the base “the savior of 2b2t” for what it had revealed. According to Skype logs released by Sato in that same post, evidence of the backdoor was leaked by members of KGB, which was then griefed by the Tyranny in retaliation. After the grief, Bran was enraged that the backdoor had been leaked because he had ties to iTristan. This account was immediately disputed by Tristan, Bran, OreMonger, and kinorana, who each denied that there was a backdoor and that a leak had ever occurred. Kino even denied that Bran was ever at the base, despite his name appearing on KGB’s member board. However, soon after the grief of KGB, the existence of the third backdoor was conclusively revealed and it should be noted that despite claiming that he didn’t have any real ties to iTristan, Branillon eventually joined Nerds Inc. Soon after the fall of KinoGrad and the reveal of the backdoor, OreMonger and many of the other base members quit 2b2t, with most moving to Constantiam. (Full article...)

September 2021

From this month's featured article

The Sixth Incursion was started by Sato86 on April 3, 2018. It was confirmed that AntVenom would be releasing a video about 2b2t that day, set to be accessible at 16:00 EST. AntVenom, who at the time had over 2 million subscribers, made a video called "The Face of Minecraft Anarchy" in which he explained the synopsis of what 2b2t is. In his video, he explores the multiple sides of 2b2t and its community. A warning about the community's toxicity was placed at the start of the video. The Incursion members called themselves "rats", opposing the incoming wave of "ants".

The 6th incursion began later that day on a temp map, which was created because Hausemaster wanted to port the map to new hardware yet again over performance concerns. A small End base was built by members of Spawn Masons, Emperium, Asylum, DonFuer, VoCo, NJHI, Fursecutioners, Team Veteran, and The Soviets on the temp map. A wave of "Ants" or "Antfags" joined the temp map following the video's release and server player counts were seen as high as 350+. The leaders of the 8 groups mentioned earlier began to plan their operations for the main map. (Full article...)

October 2021

From this month's featured article

2builders2tools (2b2t) was a Garry's Mod anarchy server founded and run by Hausemaster in August 2008. It was founded after one of Hausemaster's friends, Kalash (Reima), was banned from 2fort2furious (2f2f), a Team Fortress 2 server the two had played on. The server had its Steam group opened up on August 29th, 2008. Hausemaster commonly experimented with mods and plugins on the server to terrorize the player base and let them have more stuff to play around with. The server was connected through www.2b2t.net (source engine required www. to be typed in) or through Hausemaster's old IP address (, which was advertised on Kalash's YouTube channel.

The server was founded sometime in August 2008 after Hausemaster's past-friend Kalash was banned from 2f2f for using exploits. It was hosted by the 2b2t Steam group, which itself was named as a parody of 2f2f. The server was created as a sandbox server aimed at building in which players can do whatever they want. The Steam group for 2b2t was used by Hause for posting announcements. (Full article...)

November 2021

From this month's featured article

The Valley of Armorsmith is a significant public landmark built in 2018 near the 1 Million milestone on the X+ Highway. It is located on the -4444 Highway exactly 1 Million blocks away from Spawn. It is known as one of the largest structures by Armorsmith's Followers on 2b2t. The Valley of Armorsmith was inspired by the Valley of Furnaces, which contained a vast amount of Ender Chests at the time. The players RusherFag and aominee thought of the idea while travelling on the -4444 Highway, and this time, instead of spamming Ender Chests, Armorsmith-themed structures would be created. Newfags at Spawn were used to mine Ender Chests for Obsidian, and several players from Armorsmith's Followers contributed to the project. At the time, the location of the Valley on the -4444 Highway was occupied by a small and insignificant ruined town. The town was demolished, and the entire desert biome around it was transformed into what would become one of the largest single map-transformations on 2b2t. The Valley occupied the entire desert upon its completion, and its coordinates went public in November 15th, 2018. Despite the high-traffic location of the valley, thanks to the structures within it and the way they are built and spread, the valley remained almost intact up until today with minor griefs done by Withers mainly to the 1 Million Hammer And Sickle tower. (Full article...)