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2builders2tools (2b2t) was a Garry's Mod anarchy server founded and run by Hausemaster in August 2008. It was founded after one of Hausemaster's friends, Kalash (Reima), was banned from 2fort2furious (2f2f), a Team Fortress 2 server the two had played on. The server had its Steam group opened up on August 29th, 2008. Hausemaster commonly experimented with mods and plugins on the server to terrorize the player base and let them have more stuff to play around with. The server was connected through www.2b2t.net (source engine required www. to be typed in) or through Hausemaster's old IP address (, which was advertised on Kalash's YouTube channel.

The server was founded sometime in August 2008 after Hausemaster's past-friend Kalash was banned from 2f2f for using exploits. It was hosted by the 2b2t Steam group, which itself was named as a parody of 2f2f. The server was created as a sandbox server aimed at building in which players can do whatever they want. The Steam group for 2b2t was used by Hause for posting announcements. (Full article...)