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The Valley of Armorsmith is a significant public landmark built in 2018 near the 1 Million milestone on the X+ Highway. It is located on the -4444 Highway exactly 1 Million blocks away from Spawn. It is known as one of the largest structures by Armorsmith's Followers on 2b2t. The Valley of Armorsmith was inspired by the Valley of Furnaces, which contained a vast amount of Ender Chests at the time. The players RusherFag and aominee thought of the idea while travelling on the -4444 Highway, and this time, instead of spamming Ender Chests, Armorsmith-themed structures would be created. Newfags at Spawn were used to mine Ender Chests for Obsidian, and several players from Armorsmith's Followers contributed to the project. At the time, the location of the Valley on the -4444 Highway was occupied by a small and insignificant ruined town. The town was demolished, and the entire desert biome around it was transformed into what would become one of the largest single map-transformations on 2b2t. The Valley occupied the entire desert upon its completion, and its coordinates went public in November 15th, 2018. Despite the high-traffic location of the valley, thanks to the structures within it and the way they are built and spread, the valley remained almost intact up until today with minor griefs done by Withers mainly to the 1 Million Hammer And Sickle tower. (Full article...)