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This template identifies an empty section and when it was noticed to be empty. It also provides a link to edit the section and add content.

{{Empty section}}
{{Empty section}}
  • date= Optional Typically month and year are provided.
  • section= If not supplied, the "adding information to it" link will link to editing the whole page instead of just one section.
Common form usage info (with current date and section)
To specify date, insert a vertical bar (|) after "Empty section" and type "date=INSERT DATE HERE". Typically INSERT DATE HERE is in the form of month name and 4-digit year (i.e. date=June-2024 or date=Jun 2024). To specify the section, insert another vertical bar (|) and type "section=INSERT SECTION NUMBER HERE". Typically INSERT SECTION NUMBER HERE is in the form of an integer (i.e. section=1). The section number can be found in the at the end of the URL (&action=edit&section=#) when you try to edit a section via the "[edit]" link to the right of the section header.