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2b2t wiki at the moment
Work with Mediawiki 1.36.2 (ea0473b).version.
Number of articles - 466.
Number of pages - 7,890.
Number of edits - 62,312.
Number of files - 2,403.
Number of users - 5,167.
Number of admins - 7.
Update info

This template shows what standards the 2b2t Wiki currently has. It shows which version the wiki works with, how many articles and pages there are, and the number of active users. The template should be placed in articles related to the wiki.


This article or section needs sources or references that appear in credible, third-party publications. It beautifully and clearly shows the wiki's vibe. This template is very easy, it has no settings, and its only function is to clear the cache. There is an update info line under the template, by clicking on which you will get the latest statistics.