Temp maps are maps that are used for when 2b2t's map is being updated, for testing plugins, and historically, for April Fools' maps. Temp maps can replace the main map or be a separate map, such as with the test.2b2t.org server.

2012 April Fools' temp map

Screenshot by heroicpillow

In this April fool's event, Hausemaster created a superflat temp map and personally gave lots of high level and/or unobtainable items to lots of players, such as diamond gear, bedrock, spawn eggs, etc, allowing players to build, grief and fight with essentially no limits.[1] Players punched each other to death and mostly died to slimes. Hausemaster spawned in mobs, and eventually boxed up spawn in a large bedrock box, filled with blazes and ghasts. A staircase led to a hole in the wall for players to attempt to escape, with Hausemaster at the top killing anyone who got out. The event was well-documented with YouTube videos. At least 161 players were present during the event.


2013 April Fools' temp map

April Fools 2013 was the same as 2012, just that the server spammed nonsensical announcements too.

Late April 2013 temp map

A temp map on April 27, 2013, for testing plugins. This map is what resulted in the founding of Valkyria.[2]

2014 temp map

Spawn on March 12
April 1st 2014

Starting on 12th march 2014[3] crossing over 2014 April Fool's Temp Map[4], and ending on 15th may 2014[5] The Server was on a "New Map" as the result of crippling lag that the admin was unable to correct.

Following messages lay out the events.

03/12/14 | "Server is on a new world while lag issues are being looked into and fixed. There is something strange going on with old world itself."

04/xx/14 | "... The original world is still plagued by the lag bug and there seems to be no fix in sight, so we will stick to the ongoing experimental world."

05/15/14 | "The lag has been finally fixed (with some drawbacks, of course, more on that later). Server will be up soon."

Not much info is currently available on this period other than some memory of spawn being a swamp. This temp map appears to have the record of the longest running temp map based on available information

2014 April Fool's Temp Map

This was a fairly simple April fool's event in which everyone was confined to a small space and destruction ensued. Notably, two factions, woodstock and team topkek, battled for control over the map over the course of the several days it was up, building bases, accumulating resources, and causing general widespread destruction. [6] The normal server featured a notice stating that the server was hacked and deleted and that Hause was doxed, however, this was a joke.

2015 April Fool's Temp Map

Screenshot of Spawn taken in the late hours of the 2015 map

The theme of this event revolved around the Islamic State commonly known as ISIS. The world was switched with a desert that had multiple ISIS maps. Islamic music was broadcasted in the background. A video of this April Fools Map can be found here, and another one formerly here which is now unavailable. The map was designed by iTristan.

2016 April Fools' temp map

April Fools' 2016

Not a true temp map, as Hausemaster did not create an April Fool's temp map in 2016 as usual. However, as a substitute, Spartan512 created another server, 2b2tcity, for a few days, in which 2b2t players were invited to come and destroy a city adventure map.

1.9 to 1.10 Temp Map

This temp map was created in mid-june because the main map needed to be transferred to newer, better hardware because of the increasingly large map file size and the recent sudden influx of new players. While the rusher invasion began on june 1st, many would say that the actual rusher war began on the temp map, as it was where the first actual battles between rushers and regular players took place. Fit and other veterans recorded themselves destroying numerous rusher sanctuaries and massacring large numbers of rushers on the temp map, which helped to escalate the conflict.

2017 April Fool's Temp Map

On april 1st of 2017, the map was temporarily changed to a small enclosed amplified map in which hostile mob drop tables were changed so that they'd drop high-level items such as diamond gear, enchanted books, TNT, end crystals, wither skulls, enchanted golden apples, and more. The map quickly became a heavily destroyed free-for-all PVP pit with players duking it out in nonstop combat.[7] The map was put up for download (alternative link if that is broken) on /r/2b2t on April 13, 2017, by /u/2builders2tools (presumably Curtis), and was stickied to the front page of the sub.

The queue was removed from the server entirely, allowing for players to instantly join into the fray as they pleased. The server's MOTD was set to the Green and Cyan repeating message: HACKED BY #TEAMRUSHER. The same also applied to the tab menu. Hundreds of players were online simultaneously, nearing the point where a typical Minecraft server begins to show signs of very noticeable lag. The world border was set to the meager size of 400x400 and was set primarily in an Extreme Hills/Taiga biome, hitting the height limit in a few places. Mobs that spawned on the map would drop valuable items according to a predetermined loot table. There were settings added for generated structures such as Villages and Strongholds but the seed did not generate these structures within the world border limit.

The custom loot tables dropped the following specialty items for each mob:

  1. Chicken: Spawn eggs
  2. Cow: Books & Spawn Eggs
  3. Creeper: TNT & Spawn Eggs
  4. Enderman: Cooked chicken, Watermelons and Spawn Eggs
  5. Endermite: Ender pearls
  6. Ghast: End Crystal & Obsidian
  7. Rabbits: Ender Chest
  8. Sheep: Painting (How artistic of them!)
  9. Skeleton: Ender Pearl & Spawn Eggs
  10. Spider: Spawn Eggs
  11. Villager: Emerald block
  12. Zombie: Golden Apple & Spawn Eggs
  13. Pigman: Gold block
  14. Zombie Villager: A single golden nugget.

During the temp map, there was a plugin installed which converted all messages sent in chat to be spoken in a Neckbeardspeek tongue of English. It was possible to clear the chat in one message by saying "afk afk afk afk afk [...]" which converted to "fruity knights away fruity knights away fruity knights away [...]".

Designed by kinorana and nukkuh.

July 2017 1.11.2 to 1.12 Temp Map

Unlike other temp maps, there was a world border of 4,000 by 4,000 blocks, this caused the following:

-Nowhere was safe

-Actual bases were appearing. (Spawn Masons, The Order of Lucifer, Emperium, Highland, and The Peacekeepers[8])

-There were still resources on the map by the time the server had gone back to normal.

-There were no Large-Scale movements or projects on the map, due to its size.

Additionally, Spawn was on a massive Ocean with a Lavacast in the middle, making it difficult to escape once players were established. This created an interesting dynamic.[9] Players were spawning in an aproximate 100x100 area.

Later in the Temp Map, presumably to test the Anti-Cheat, Hausemaster ran /give @a to give everyone 2 End Crystals, and later 1 Elytra. The Elytra was given in the final days of the map.

The Nether was disabled.This made potions, shulkers, The End, and elytras unaccessable.

This Temp Map ran from July 8th to July 23rd.

March 2018 Temp Map

In march of 2018, the server needed to be transferred to a new, larger SSD because it was approaching 4000 GB in size. The world border was 4,000 by 4,000, same as the July 2017 map. Players could establish bases reasonably far from spawn. In addition to many small surface bases, several skybases were established by some of the server's major groups, some of which remained ungriefed until the temp map ended because they were sufficiently well protected. The Nether was disabled, same as the July 2017 map. This made potions, shulkers, The End, and elytras unaccessable.

2018 April Fool's Temp Map

Like in the previous year's April fool's event, the map was changed to a small enclosed area. Initially it was about 1024x1024 blocks, but this was later reduced to 256x256. The map was a customized world with multiple layers of flat terrain stacked on top of each other, with the uppermost being very close to the height limit. Ore spawning was altered so that diamonds only spawned near the height limit (but in great quantities), gold could be found everywhere, and iron was rare. At one point, a bunch of ghasts and several enderdragons were spawned. Players from multiple groups banded together and killed the ender dragon. As usual, over the course of time the map got more and more destroyed. Tons of skybridges and staircases were built, many bases were built near the top of the map, and the amount of available resources slowly diminished. At first, there were plenty of resources to go around and lots of players built cobblestone bases and wheat farms and got diamond gear, but as time went on, ores became less plentiful, and trees and saplings became rarer and rarer until they ran out completely. Basic things like crafting tables, stone tools, oak saplings, and water sources were jealously hoarded and fought over, and there were only a few sets of diamond armor in circulation that would eventually pass on from one player to another through accidental death.[10]

AntVenom's video was released during this map's runtime.[11]

April Temp Map

The third temp map in as many weeks, this time created because curtis forgot to pay for the Archon network servers (of which 2b2t is one). A temp map was created until the problem was fixed. Because it was created on the same day as Antvenom's video, the 6th incursion and the ant war began on this temp map.

2019 April Fool's Temp Map

A player on the 1533 Highway during the 2020 Map

The server was switched to a map running 1.13, in order to test the potential issues the version posed. There was no player cap. After deeming 1.13 too unstable, Hausemaster continues to run the server on 1.12. During this map, the Tab Menu stated that the old world data was corrupted.

2020 April Fool's Temp Map

On April 1st 2020 for the first few hours of the day nothing happened on the server, many players thought there would be no temp map. At ~10:00 PM (UTC) the server reset and then fireballs fell through the sky blowing up everything. Chat filters were also added on the server, changing words to their medieval/pirate counterparts, increasingly getting worse as the day continued. After the server was blown up, the server reset with the quote on the tab screen "A new Start! The old world was bombed into dust. It's gone. Forget about it."[12] while fireballs continued to rain down on the server.

2021 April Fool's Temp Map

Chunks "corrupting" at spawn on the 2021 april fools map.

The server was restarted at ~01:00 PM (UTC) with chunks 'corrupting' in various ways, such as rotating, shuffling with other chunks, being replaced entirely with natural terrain not matching the server's seed, and/or being filled with miscellaneous blocks.

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