V Fawkes

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V Fawkes
V Fawkes Logo
FoundedJune 2016
DisbandmentOctober-November 2016

Team V Fawkes was a group founded by lakililo, that formed just as the Rusher War started.


The group kept a low profile by avoiding fights and remaining neutral. However, they did conduct small rusher raids and a few suicide bombings at spawn. Their group presented a lot of symbols related to Anonymous, V for Vendetta, and Guy Fawkes. The group only made one base and the members eventually begun to leave and lost contact with each other. Their main channel was owned by cityboss1, who eventually moved on from V Fawkes and founded the Asylum, even using the symbol and banner from V Fawkes for the Asylum.


  • Team Rusher - The V Fawkes attacked a few Rusher bases but were never an active participant of the War.
  • The group remained neutral with the rest of the groups throughout the war.
V Fawkes Banner

Notable Members

  • Iakililo (Founder)
  • cityboss1
  • chrissipo
  • chronicdragon
  • CreativeDetails
  • Zltb
  • few others